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Avon’s new Boxcar walks the line between casual gastropub and upscale bistro

What’s cool about Boxcar is that you can go in for burgers or you can sit down for several courses of fine-dining quality food, in a setting that somehow manages to walk that perfect line between casual gastropub and upscale bistro.

The menu walks that line perfectly, too, with chef owners Hunter Chamness and Cara Luff finding their ideal concept in an elegant gastropub theme that allows them to showcase their impressive creativity.

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Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen — a tequileria with terrifc flavors and style

Across Colorado, taquerias are a dime a dozen. No wonder Richard Sandoval, the founding chef of Maya in Avon, calls his flagship restaurant a tequileria.

Yes, you read that right: tequileria, as in a sly play on taqueria, the word whispered by Mexican-food disciples to describe a small, no-frills taco shop known for otherworldly grub. Oddly enough, these hush-hush hotspots attract hordes of faithful foodies to small strip malls or wandering food trucks, but the setting hardly matters. Flavor is the superstar — forget the rest.

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