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Lawmakers unanimously thwart federal water grab (1)

May 1, 2016 — 

VAIL — Colorado lawmakers unanimously made federal water grabs almost impossible.The Colorado Water Rights Protection Act passed both the Colorado House and Senate without a single dissenting vote. The bill …

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Senate bill threatens to eliminate Bustang funding (2)

February 10, 2016 — 

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — The Colorado Department of Transportation’s new and popular Bustang regional transit service that started in July may be on the chopping block if state legislators back a …

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Ski areas win water fight (3)

December 31, 2015 — 

WASHINGTON — The latest potential federal water grab may have dried up Wednesday morning when the U.S. Forest Service threw in the towel.Ski area operators and ranchers say the U.S. …

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Kaiser Permanente offering door-to-door medical care (4)

December 28, 2015 — 

EDWARDS — Colorado’s largest nonprofit health plan is willing to drive you to Denver, put you in a hotel, handle your medical procedure and drive you home if it’s less …

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Colorado’s most expensive toll lane, the I-70 Mountain Express Lane, to open (5)

December 3, 2015 — 

SUMMIT COUNTY — How much would you pay to ensure a speedy return from a weekend ski trip? How much to catch a flight at DIA? The Colorado Department of …

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Health insurance set to soar next year on Western Slope (6)

October 26, 2015 — 

WESTERN COLORADO — If you’re an individual buying your own health insurance in western Colorado, you’ll pay an average of 26 percent more next year.Colorado’s Division of Insurance approved increases …

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Beaver Creek ski instructors working to unionize (7)

October 21, 2015 — 

EAGLE COUNTY — A group of Beaver Creek ski instructors is trying to organize a union and has signed up with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial …

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Big game hunting pours massive money into state, regional economy (8)

October 21, 2015 — 

EAGLE COUNTY — When Colorado’s big game hunting season ends Nov. 10, it will have dropped more than $919 million into Colorado’s economy, according to a study for Colorado Parks …

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Colorado health co-op calls it quits (9)

October 21, 2015 — 

The region’s lowest-cost health insurance carrier has breathed its last gasp.Colorado HealthOP did not receive more than $14 million in federal funding it says it had been promised, and is …

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Feds’ failure leaves thousands scrambling for health insurance (10)

October 19, 2015 — 

EAGLE COUNTY — More than 7,000 policyholders in the Rocky Mountain resort region will lose their health insurance if a state agency is allowed to force a low-cost co-op out …

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Labor and love (11)

October 15, 2015 — 

When a pair of massive earthquakes killed more than 8,000 people in Nepal last spring, Pemba Sherpa and so many other Nepal natives had to watch from here, halfway around …

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CMC eyeing student housing for Edwards campus (12)

September 18, 2015 — 

EDWARDS — Colorado Mountain College might build residence halls in Edwards, or it might not.The college is gathering data from Edwards and the rest of its campuses, determining who needs …

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State health officials trumpet increase in Medicaid roles (13)

September 7, 2015 — 

EAGLE COUNTY — We’re No. 2, but not in a good way.Northwest Colorado’s ski resort region has the state’s second-highest percent of people without health insurance, according to a Colorado Healthcare …

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Annual Christian music festival returns to Vail’s Ford Amphitheater next weekend (14)

August 30, 2015 — 

[iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe]VAIL — Change those five words — “We’ve never done that before” — to “That’s gonna be so awesome!” and you have the basic premise …

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Healing heroes (15)

August 28, 2015 — 

Monte Davis was blown up four times in three weeks while fighting in the Middle East. He looked across 190 yards of water to the green on a playoff hole …

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Navajo Code Talker, legendary lawmaker John Pinto is a great American story (16)

August 25, 2015 — 

VAIL — All the things John Pinto has been in his 91 years, he still is: Navajo Code Talker, Marine, statesman, lawmaker, husband, father, grandfather and tireless advocate.John Pinto not …

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World title (17)

August 17, 2015 — 

It’s good to wade home waters.Team USA is the two-time defending World Youth Fly Fishing champions and has won three of the past four world team titles.This week, however, is …

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Team USA wins World Youth Fly Fishing Championships (18)

August 16, 2015 — 

If you’re a member of Team USA’s youth fly-fishing squad, then click your wader heels together three times and repeat, “There’s no place like home.”Team USA won its third straight …

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High speed chase ends with arrest at gunpoint in Eagle (19)

August 15, 2015 — 

EAGLE — A man rolling through Eagle County at more than 100 mph was arrested Friday when he didn’t stop with Eagle County Sheriff’s deputies chasing him, police said.Eagle County …

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Gypsum shop imports, builds Birkin sports cars (20)

August 12, 2015 — 

GYPSUM — You know how Halle Berry looked when she played Catwoman?Birkin sports cars sound like Halle Berry looks. They also look like Halle Berry looks.You can have your own …

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