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February 1, 2012
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Eagle cops

Eagle Police were called to a local business Jan. 27 when an Eagle County Sheriff's deputy reported an apparently intoxicated man was hanging out near the entrance.

When the officer arrived, he found a young man he knew from a previous contact. The officer noted the man's belt was undone and his pants were falling down. When he asked him what he was doing, the man responded but the officer had difficulty understanding him because his speech was slurred.

The deputy noted the man said he had a bag somewhere in the area and that he was waiting for his mother to pick him up. The police officer noted the man was having difficulty standing and was unable to walk on his own. When the officer moved to assist him, he detected a strong odor of marijuana and alcohol.

Because of the aromas, the officer asked the man to consent to a pat down. The man refused. However, the officer noted a glass pipe in the man's pocket. He told the officer he had recently used the pipe to smoke 'spice.' The officer recognized the term as a common name for salvia divinorum, a synthetic cannabinoid that is considered to be a controlled substance. The officer proceeded with the pat down and found an empty circular container that the man said held his spice.

The deputy told the Eagle officer that the man kept referring to a silver trash can in the area as his bag and apparently thought he was in Glenwood Springs. No bag was found during a search of the area.

As a second Eagle Police officer arrived on the scene, the deputy turned to walk away and the man made an obscene gesture toward him. At that time, the business was very busy and several adults and children were in the vicinity.

The Eagle officer asked the man if he wanted to sit in his patrol car because he did not have a jacket. The man accepted the offer, repeating that his mother was on her way. After talking with the man further, the officer determined the man's mother was working nearby and gave him a ride to her location. The man was issued a summons for disorderly conduct and possession of paraphernalia.

Police were called to Eagle Town Park last week when a local man reported three juveniles using profanity and verbally and physically harassing him.

When the officer arrived, he learned the incident reportedly began when a pit bull dog running loose approached the man and his small child while they were ice skating. The man said the dog was acting aggressively and when he attempted to take a photo of the men and the dog for identification purposes, one of the males slapped the phone out of his hand.

A independent witness, who was also in the area, confirmed the man's statement.

The officer located the three juveniles and they told him they took the dog to its nearby home. The dog's owner admitted the animal was running loose but said the man who called police over-reacted to the situation. The juvenile also admitted he tried to hide his face when the man attempted to take a photo, but said he slapped the phone out of the man's hand because he thought he was going to be attacked.

The juvenile said the man began the verbal argument, but that account was refuted by the independent witness.

After being advised they were out of line by responding to the situation with profanity and disrespect, the juveniles were told their parents would be notified about the situation. No citations were issued but they were warned to act more respectfully in the future.

Bank card fraud

On Jan. 23, an Eagle man reported $1,519.37 of fraudulent charges made on a business debit card

The man told police the card was issued to his wife's business and that he is responsible for the business's financial records. He found out about the problem when the company called him to advise that they had tagged an online purchase as possibly fraudulent.

When he checked the account he found six unauthorized online purchases. He called all of the businesses involved and all but one were cooperative and said they would removed the charges. Additionally, he contacted his bank, which indicated it would credit the charges.

An investigation revealed the two delivery addresses for the items that were fraudulently purchased. The case remains under investigation.

Eagle Police were called to the Eagle County Justice Center Jan. 24 when screeners at the facility found a set of illegal brass knuckles in a woman's bag.

The deputy who found the knuckles told police that he was working at the justice center metal detector security station when he screened a handbag and found the item. Two women were associated with the purse and they told the deputy that they were in a hurry and could not wait. The deputy placed the purse in an evidence bag and called dispatch to report the incident.

When the police officer arrived, the deputy pointed out the women inside Courtroom No. 2. One of the women left the courtroom to speak with police about the incident.

The woman said the bag belonged to her daughter and that she was aware of the brass knuckles inside. She said her daughter works late a night and carries the knuckles as protection. The woman said he did not know that there was a problem with possessing brass knuckles. She said her daughter was at court to support her boyfriend during an upcoming hearing and that she would ask her to come out to talk with the officer.

The daughter told police that she works the night shift in Vail and hitchhikes from Eagle-Vail to her job so she carries the knuckles for protection.

Police cited the woman for possession of an illegal weapon and confiscated the brass knuckles as evidence.

• On Jan. 23, a local businessman reported someone had stolen a 150-foot welding cable and four connectors from his truck. The vehicle was parked along Chambers Avenue when the theft occurred. The total estimated loss is $300.

• On Jan. 22, at approximately 1 a.m. an Eagle officer spotted a juvenile male walking through the Eagle County Building parking lot. When the juvenile saw the police officer, he took off running. The boy said he was on his way home from a school dance and that he knew he was out past curfew and that was why he ran. When the officer patted down the juvenile, he found a marijuana pipe in the boy's pocket. The officer took the boy to his home where he met with the youth's mother. The juvenile was issued a summons for possession of drug paraphernalia and curfew violation.

A jacket found at Eagle Town Park on Jan. 18 has been turned in to the Eagle Police Department. The owner can claim the jacket by describing what it looks like and the contents of the jacket pockets. Contact Eagle Police at 328-6351.

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