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February 15, 2012
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County cops

On Jan. 28, a deputy saw a car roll through a stop sign in Gypsum as it turned onto U.S. Highway 6.

The officer pulled the car over. The 27-year-old driver presented him with her Mexican ID and said her insurance slip was in the mail. When asked who the car belonged to, she hesitated and then said, "some guy named Aden."

The officer confirmed that the car was registered to a person in the area named Aden.

The woman was cited for driving without a valid license and failing to stop at a stop sign. The car was impounded until someone with a valid driver license and insurance could pick it up.

A 26-year-old woman had just gone to bed in her apartment on Edwards Village Boulevard on Feb. 7 when she noticed a light that kept shining outside her window.

She got up, looked through her partially open blinds and saw a man standing on the sidewalk. He was holding a flashlight and engaging in a sexual act.

The man did not seem concerned that she saw him. He walked away toward the west in between some condominiums.

The woman described the man as white, in his early to mid 30s and maybe a little taller than six feet. He had a stocky build and looked to be about 200 pounds with dark hair of medium length. He was wearing a black jacket, black pants and a light-colored shirt.

On Jan. 9, dispatch received a call from a very agitated man.

The 49-year-old Avon man said he had two friends who were snowmobiling in the area of "Red and White Bowl." One of the snowmobiles broke down and the man's friends were going to spend the night in a nearby cabin. They had blankets and were warm but the cabin did not have food or firewood. The Avon man was going to bring supplies to them but was concerned he would get lost or stuck and "freeze to death" if he went alone. He demanded that the sheriff's office send people with snowmobiles to go with him.

The dispatcher tried to tell the man that the sheriff's office did not have the means nor ability to do such a thing. The man cut her off, however, cursing and yelling. She tried to ask for his phone number so that she could contact Vail Mountain Rescue and get back to him but he continued to yell and hung up.

The man called twice more, yelling, demanding help and making threats but he would not respond to any of the dispatcher's information requests. He hung up every time someone tried to transfer him. He called a fourth time that night to report that he made it home safely.

On Feb. 6, a deputy called the man and asked to meet. The man didn't acknowledge the question. He kept repeating excuses for his actions. The deputy ultimately had to tell him that if he refused to meet a warrant would be issued for his arrest.

When two officers met the man at his house, he invited them inside. He continued to repeat his side of the story, however, and wouldn't let the officers speak. The deputies attempted to show and explain the citation that they were presenting but he kept stepping back and talking louder. At one point, the man was almost yelling and moved quickly away into his kitchen.

The deputies did not know what might be in the kitchen and felt that the man needed to be detained for safety, due to his behavior and unwillingness to cooperate. The man resisted efforts to place him in handcuffs, grabbing one of the officers quite forcibly and was taken to jail for harassment and communicating in offensively coarse language.

A 30-year-old woman reported that her 26-year-old roommate threatened to kill her and possibly left their Avon apartment with a gun after an argument on Jan. 23.

The woman and her female roommate said the man had a military-style rifle that he showed them once. They told deputies he kept it under his mattress. The officers searched the suspect's room but did not find any weapons. The women said he left with a suitcase and they did not know what was in it.

Deputies contacted the suspect and he met them at the apartment. He denied having a gun or leaving the house with a suitcase. He was cited for menacing.

• A wallet with several gift and credit cards was last seen by its owner at a Beaver Creek hotel room on Jan. 1. Deputies believe that the only man known to have been in the room around the time of the suspected theft was not involved.

• An inoperable snow blower was stolen from a property on Larkspur Lane in Eagle-Vail during the afternoon of Jan. 21. The owner said he normally kept the machine locked up but left it out because he was repairing it and left for a while.

• A woman suspected her $375 watch was stolen from a pocket of her robe while she was swimming in the pool of a Beaver Creek hotel on Jan. 21. The Citizen Eco Drive watch was covered in crystals with eight diamonds, had a mother of pearl face and a gold and silver band.

• An Avon resident reported that a new smart phone was stolen from a package sent to him. His apartment leasing office signed for the package on Jan. 24 or 25. When he opened the box, it was empty except for packing material. He said it appeared to have been previously opened and resealed. He wasn't sure who might be responsible.

• A woman suspected her smart phone was stolen from her purse while she was at a spelling bee at a Gypsum school on Jan. 25.

• A pair of Volkl skis and Technica boots were stolen from a ski locker at Beaver Creek between Jan. 1 and 17. The equipment was valued at $2,900.

• On Jan. 29, a deputy stopped a car for speeding on U.S. 6 in Edwards. The 29-year-old's license turned out to be revoked for DUI. He was arrested for driving with a revoked license.

• A snow blower was stolen from the porch of a house on Charolais Circle in Edwards around Jan. 29.

• A snow blower was stolen from a driveway on Winslow Road in Edwards between Jan. 21 and 27.

• A locked car was broken into while it was parked at Lake Creek Village Apartments on Jan. 31. There were pry marks on top of each front door, where the doors were bent away from the car. An envelope with $1,000 cash and $50 of groceries were stolen.

• A deputy stopped a car for speeding in Avon on Jan. 31 and smelled marijuana when he contacted the 32-year-old driver. The man admitted that he had marijuana in the car and handed it over. He was cited for possession of paraphernalia and less than one ounce of marijuana.

• A pair of Atomic twin-tip skis were stolen from a ski locker in a Beaver Creek apartment complex sometime in January.

• A portable toilet at the Camelot Balloon launch site in Gypsum appeared to have been run over by a vehicle. The crushed toilet was found Jan. 28 and was worth $450.

• A license plate was stolen from a vehicle parked in front of a Main Street apartment in Edwards around Feb. 4.

• The office window of an Eagle-Vail apartment complex on U.S. Highway 6 was shattered on Feb. 1 after 6 p.m. The damage is estimated to cost $368.

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