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May 23, 2012
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Eagle cops

An Eagle merchant called police May 11 with suspicions that a customer who had just left her shop was wearing clothing she did not pay for.Officers caught up with the teenage female suspect a few blocks away from the store, and noted that she was wearing a lot of clothing — including a hoodie and a large puffy jacket — on a day when everyone else in the vicinity was sporting short sleeves. When the officers told the girl she was suspected of shoplifting, she responded that she was not a thief. She agreed to let the officers check her jacket and they found two tags from the store where the alleged shoplifting occurred. The officers also found a pair of socks and a package of underwear in her pockets. The officers noted they could see other garments on under the girl’s clothing and they placed her in custody.During an interview with police, the shop owner and an employee reported the girl had come into the store and picked up some items to try on. They noticed she was difficult to understand and acted nervous. When she came out of the dressing room, they noted that many of the items she had taken inside were no longer in the dressing room. They reportedly asked the girl about the items, and she responded that she was not a thief.The owner said she asked the girl to empty her pockets but she refused. The owner told the girl she would have to call the police and the girl left the shop.The owner identified the socks and underwear as items that had been taken from her store. She said other missing items included a bra, denim shorts, black boy shorts and a patterned tank top. The total value of the missing times was $237.95.A female officer arrived at the police station to assist with the recovery of the missing items and when she arrived, the girl complained her head was spinning. An ambulance was called to the scene and the girl was transported to a medical facility. Eventually all the missing items were recovered and the girl was issued a summons for petty theft and released to the custody of her father.

Eagle Police received a call on May 11 from Eagle Valley Middle School regarding the theft of an iPhone.The school principal said a student had admitted to prying open another student’s locker and stealing the phone. The principal said she was alerted to the theft when she received an email from a student’s mother informing her that her son’s iPhone had been stolen at school May 9. The mother said she had notified AT&T and shut down the service.On May 10, the school’s assistant principal received information that one of the students at the school had a stolen cell phone in his possession. When contacted, the student had an iPhone that he claimed was his. The assistant principal called the student’s mother, who said her son had a phone that had been given to him by a friend. The mom agreed to come to the school to discuss the issue.When the mother arrived, the principal asked if she could check the serial number on the phone to confirm it had not been stolen. When she opened the phone’s setting page, it displayed the name of the student who had reported his phone was stolen. At that point she asked the boy if he had stolen the phone and he admitted the theft, saying the other student’s locker was partially open and he pried it the rest of the way to gain access to the phone.After the meeting with the student and his mother, the principal called police. The boy admitted to police he had pried open the other student’s locker and took the phone. Police noted the boy was very cooperative with the investigation. The case was referred to the district attorney’s office to file charges of third degree burglary and theft.

Eagle Police responded to City Market to speak with the store security officer about a man who was caught taking a pair of sunglasses.The security officer said he had been alerted by employees to watch a group of people that frequent the store and are suspected of shoplifting. The suspect was among that group.On May 5, the man walked into the store and approached the customer service counter to complete a Western Union transaction. While waiting, he took a pair of $14 sunglasses off a nearby rack. He then exited the store without paying for the item. The store’s video surveillance recorded the incident.The man said he did not mean to take the glasses. He said he planned to buy them and forgot he had them. He offered several times to pay for the glasses.He was issued a summons for petty theft and released. City Market officials told police they want to bar the man from entering the store in the future.

• An Eagle woman called police May 15 to report her cell phone had been stolen. The woman said she left her iPhone on the grass next to the bike path along Seventh Street while she and a friend took off for a run. When they returned, the phone was gone. The woman and her friend attempted to use a Find My Phone application to locate the missing cell and the phone showed up in the Bull Run area. Police were unable to locate anyone in the vicinity and the woman contacted AT&T to stop her service and lock her phone.• An Eagle Public Works employee called police May 3 to report damage to a pump house located along Fairgrounds Road. The frame to the building door was broken and there were shoe prints on the door. Next to the building, a picnic table was overturned and several wood boards were broken. There were also several beer and liquor bottles in the area. The estimated total cost of the damage is $400 and there are no suspects in the case.

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