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July 18, 2012
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Eagle Cops

After an unpleasant interaction with a pair of local youths, a local fisherman called Eagle Police July 8 to report an attempt to vandalize his truck.

The fisherman said he had parked his vehicle on Violet Lane to fish along Brush Creek. While walking along the stream, he saw two teenagers who were carrying two fish. The man said he explained to the youths that the area was a catch and release stream. The man said the youths then "gave him some lip" and left. He told them he would report the incident to the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

When the man returned to his truck, he noted something shiny underneath his front tire. Upon closer inspection, he found a nail had been positioned just in front of the driver's side front tire in a place where it would have punctured the tire if he ran over it. The man told police he didn't know of any suspects other than the two youths. He also noted that his truck was not damaged.

Based on the fisherman's description, the officer contacted a local teen. The youth said he and his cousin had a verbal exchange with a fisherman earlier that day about the catch-and-release issue. He admitted to a "prank" of placing a nail in front of the man's truck tire.

The youth said his companion did not know about the nail and expressed regrets regarding his actions. The fisherman told police he did not want to press charges. The officer proposed a non-criminal resolution to the case - the youth was told to write an essay about what he had learned about respecting other people's property and the dangers associated with deflating a tire. He agreed to complete the assignment and drop off his work at the Eagle Police Department.

An Eagle Police officer was on patrol at Eagle Town Park July 5 when he observed an apparently intoxicated man walking in the area. The man was trying to conceal a bottle of alcohol inside his pants.

The officer learned from a local liquor store that the man had been inside earlier and the liquor store clerk refused to sell to him because he was visibly intoxicated. The man then placed a $50 bill on the counter, took a bottle from the shelf and walked out the door.

The officer contacted the man and asked him to remove the bottle from his pants. The man pulled out a 750 ml bottle of rum.

Noting that the man was unsteady on his feet and had a disheveled appearance, the officer offered to take him to a detox facility. The man replied that he spent the previous night at detox but left because he did not receive medication when he requested it.

The man told the officer he wanted to stop drinking and that he would try detox again. When the officer contacted the local detox facility, the operator said the man had been in detox the previous night but left to go to a bar and then returned and left a second time. She said the facility would not allow him back unless he had his medicine with him. She also said the man's blood alcohol count couldn't be too high if he wanted to return.

The man said he did not have any more medication and his recorded BAC was .403, more than four times the legal limit defined for DUI cases.

The man was transported to Vail Valley Medical Center.

An Eagle area resident called police after someone sprayed mean-spirited graffiti on a trash bin on his property.

The man noted that he is in the process of removing several large, dead or dying trees from his property. He noted while working on the tree removal, several motorists have yelled out their windows to protest about the trees being cut down.

On July 9, the man discovered that someone had spray-painted the word "Murder" on a trash bin at his property. The man said he had no suspects in mind regarding the incident and that the estimated repair was $300.

An Eagle woman contacted police July 10 after a large, loose dog attacked her small poodle/Maltese mix dog.

The woman said her small dog did not appear to be injured in the incident, which happened as she was walking her dog and her yellow Labrador on leashes near the intersection of Mayer and Eagle Ranch Road. The woman said a large dog approached them from behind, picked up the small dog in its mouth and shook it. The owner started screaming and the large dog released the other animal.

The woman said the owner of the large dog showed up when a group of neighbors responded to her screams. The owner of the large dog was very apologetic and sincere, the owner of the small dog said, however she also maintained that the large dog is often on the loose and can be found wandering around the neighborhood alone.

When the officer contacted the owner of the large dog, she was upset about the incident and had already contacted her veterinarian. She offered to pay for any veterinary bills associated with the incident. The owner of the large dog said she had worked late that day and when she arrived home and opened her garage door, her dog bolted out.

The case was referred to Eagle County Animal Services for resolution.

• While patrolling along Sixth and Capitol streets on July 12, an officer noticed graffiti sprayed on a power transformer box. He contacted Holy Cross Energy to report the issue and the estimated cost of repair is $300.

• On July 13, a local man called police to report graffiti sprayed on his trash bin at Sixth and Capitol streets. The man noted he had just painted the trash bin prior to the vandalism and he estimated it would cost $150 to repaint his trash bin.

• Police were called to The Bluffs neighborhood July 7 at 9:30 p.m. when a resident saw a while pickup truck peel around a corner on Bluffs Drive. The resident said the truck continued up Bellyache at a high rate of speed. Officers were unable to track down the vehicle.

• Personnel from the Greater Eagle Fire Department turned in a makeshift paper wallet containing a $10 bill, a bus pass and a blank check to police on July 8. Officers contacted the number on the check and the woman said her daughter had lost the items while attending a program at the fire station.

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