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September 27, 2012
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County Cops

A deputy stopped a car after she saw the driver roll through a stop sign on U.S. Highway 6 in Edwards on Sept. 1.

The car smelled strongly of perfume and marijuana. There were four people in the car and the officer asked the 21-year-old driver where the marijuana was. The driver looked at her friends and said there wasn't any. She said they had just smoked some at a friend's house. The deputy said she smelled unburned marijuana and the driver handed over a pipe.

A drug dog was called to the scene and the driver agreed to perform voluntary roadside sobriety tests. The driver failed the tests and was arrested for further investigation of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When the drug dog arrived, a 22-year-old passenger of the car admitted she hid the driver's marijuana in her shoe.

A 17-year-old passenger in the car was sober and allowed to drive the car home.

The driver submitted to a blood test and was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign, driving under the influence of drugs, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and child abuse.

A deputy saw two men arguing with each other on Main Street in Edwards on Sept. 8.

One of the men had a restraining order that prohibited him from possessing or consuming alcohol. The 25-year-old man said he'd had six beers. He also had a small, mostly empty bottle of whiskey in his pocket. He was arrested for violating the protection order.

Deputies used a confidential informant (CI) for liquor compliance checks in Edwards Sept. 12.

The CI was between 18 and 20 years old and attempted to buy alcohol at various restaurants. The CI was also in the company of older people - undercover deputies.

In one restaurant, a 17-year-old employee sold the CI a beer without asking for identification to verify the CI's age. At another restaurant, a 50-year-old employee served the CI without checking ID. Both employees were cited for selling an alcoholic beverage to a person under 21.

A 38-year-old man called deputies on Sept. 11 to report a case of "theft and attempted manslaughter."

He said he was in the Golden Peak area of Vail Mountain. He rappelled down the Benchmark Cliffs with a climbing rope for a day of hunting. He left the rope in place intending to climb back out that way. When he returned, his climbing gear was gone. He had to hike an extra four hours to get around the cliff and back to his car.

He suspected a group of young people partying nearby were responsible for the theft.

A deputy told the man that if he caught anyone he would only be able to charge them for reckless endangerment and theft.

The owner of an Edwards bike shop called deputies Sept. 14 after he realized the shop had been swindled in a couple deals over the summer.

In the first case, a $3,423 bike was stolen from under the noses of the manager and employees a few months earlier.

The buyer gave the employees a credit card to pay for the bike and identified himself with an Arizona driver license as "Jim Miller." The employees did not make a record of the driver license information.

The credit card came up "denied." The suspect explained that he had just put a hold on the card and convinced the employees to run the card "off line." He also made a phone call in which he seemed to talk to someone who authorized the purchase with the credit card company.

The store tried to run the credit card later and it was continuously denied. A deputy tried calling all the phone numbers provided and they were all disconnected.

In the other case, the store received an email on Sept. 7 from a suspect who identified himself as "Marcus Junior." He wanted to buy a bike he saw on the store's website and have it shipped to an address in Florida.

The $10,869 bike was shipped. The shop owner then checked with the bank to see if the wire transfer from Sao Palo, Brazil, had gone through and it hadn't.

The owner told deputies he would look into the Florida shipping address next and get back to them.

On Sept. 15, a deputy saw a green car blocking the exit driveway for fire and paramedic crews from their quarters in Gypsum.

The officer contacted the 22-year-old driver and asked why he was parked in the driveway. The man seemed nervous and kept looking at his center console as he explained that he was trying to turn around to get some ice cream.

The deputy smelled marijuana in the car and asked if there was some in the vehicle. The driver looked at the console and said, "Ummm, yes." He handed over a plastic bag with less than 2 ounces of marijuana. He was cited for possession.

A deputy stopped a car in Vail on Sept. 15 because it had a headlight out.

The officer smelled marijuana when he contacted the 21-year-old driver. He talked to the man about the headlight and noticed some marijuana paraphernalia on the front passenger seat. He asked the man if it was what he thought it was and if there was any more in the car. The man said yes and gave the marijuana and paraphernalia to the officer.

He said he smoked about six hours earlier, before work. His eyes were glassy and, when he spoke, the deputy saw his tongue was green, which is common on a person who recently smoked pot.

The man was arrested for DUID, possession of marijuana and a broken headlight.

A deputy stopped a car in Gypsum on Sept. 18 for defective license plate lamps.

The 22-year-old driver said he didn't have a license or proof of insurance. The officer also smelled marijuana in the car.

The man's license turned out to be canceled for an unpaid ticket. At that point, the officer asked the man for permission to search the car. He found a Batman lunch box with marijuana and several bits of paraphernalia.

The man was cited for driving without a license, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

• Three unlocked bicycles were stolen from an open garage on River Pines Court in Edwards on Sept. 11. Their combined value was about $800.

• A Gypsum resident on Lost Lane complained that people are frequently trespassing across her property as a shortcut to another neighborhood. She said it happens most often on the weekends and her fence and garden are getting damaged.

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