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December 5, 2012
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County Cops

Tips for safe

Internet shopping

The AARP suggests the following tips for online shoppers to protect their money and privacy.

• Verify that the business is legitimate. Contact it by phone and ensure that you can talk to a company representative if necessary.

• Check out the company's return policy. Take note of any deadlines or extra fees charged for a return.

• If buying an item from an online store, make sure the site is secured. You should see a closed padlock icon on your browser, if that lock icon appears unlocked do not send your credit card information. Also look for "https" in the URL before submitting your payment information online.

• Never send your credit card number by email. Email messages are not secure.

• Save all transaction details. Print out or make note of the seller's identification, the item description and the time, date and price you paid or bid on the item. Print and save copies of your order confirmation screen and all email communications.

• Do business with companies you know to be reliable.


Eagle residents on Neilson Gulch Road called deputies after one of them saw a man run out of their garage when she came home Nov. 13.

The woman said it looked like someone was using a flashlight inside the garage as she was driving in. She opened the carport door and a man ran out of a side door.

Stolen meat

On Nov. 16, a 50-year-old hunter told deputies he killed an elk on Hardscrabble Road outside Eagle on Nov. 15, packed the meat into a backpack, carried it to his camp and left it outside for the night. The backpack with the meat was gone in the morning and the man was certain a person was responsible. The $25 pack contained a set of knives worth $200 and 200 pounds of meat worth $500.

Gracious theft victim

A deputy spoke with a contractor and homeowner on Nov. 19 after several items turned up missing from the home after a remodel project started last April.

The home was on Strawberry Park Road in Beaver Creek. The owner said three DVD players went missing along with an envelope that contained $300 cash. He didn't want to officially report the thefts for the sake of keeping a good relationship with the crew but the contractor called the deputies to follow through with company policy. The homeowner said he knew it was unlikely the items would be recovered and was "blessed" that he could afford to replace them without difficulty.

No driver license and drugs in the car

A deputy stopped a car for speeding on Interstate 70 near Dotsero on Nov. 21.

The 19-year-old driver didn't have a license and the car smelled of marijuana. The deputy found the man had three active restraints on his license.

Next, the officer asked the man about the marijuana and the man admitted he had some in the car. Three pipes and a small bag with marijuana was in the car's center console.

The man was arrested for driving with a revoked license and cited for possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, possession of marijuana paraphernalia and speeding.

Off the side of the road

A deputy saw an SUV drive onto a sidewalk as it drove through a roundabout in Eagle-Vail Nov. 27. The officer made eye contact with the driver at that moment and noted the man appeared to be nervous. The officer followed the SUV, which sped up and made a sudden turn without signaling, nearly clipping the side of a bus in the process.

The deputy soon spotted the SUV idling in a parking lot. A man was lying underneath it. The officer called for backup and ordered the 34-year-old man out from under the car at gun point. The man slowly complied with the orders but didn't seem phased by the gun pointed at him.

He said he sped off because he didn't want to get a ticket. The officer said lots of people are scared of getting tickets but they don't run away.

The man appeared to be on drugs. He was wearing two left shoes. The shoes were two different kinds and there was a height difference between them that caused the man to walk with a limp. He said he hadn't noticed. The man later admitted to possessing Xanax the previous evening.

The man didn't have a license because it had been revoked for a DUI in September. He was arrested and he tried to bribe the deputy on the way to jail, asking if there was a way he could make it all "go away." The officer said there was not.

The man was charged for attempting to influence a public servant, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both, vehicular eluding, reckless driving and failing to use a turn signal.

Bad passenger

A deputy stopped a car on the I-70 access ramp in Dotsero Nov. 21 because something was hanging off the undercarriage. While speaking with the 22-year-old driver, the officer recognized the 20-year-old passenger from previous contacts.

More officers arrived with a drug-sniffing dog and asked to search the car. The driver said no. The deputies had the men get out of the car so the dog could do an exterior sniff. The dog indicated drugs were in the car and the officers prepared a search warrant.

The men were also searched. The 20-year-old had brass knuckles in his pocket and smelled of alcohol. He submitted to a breath test and was cited for possessing an illegal weapon and possessing alcohol as a minor.

A search of the car turned up trace amounts of marijuana, two 40-ounce bottles of beer and a bag of white powder that turned out to be baking powder. A .22-caliber rifle was also in the back of the car. The 20-year-old said it was his.

Driving poorly

without a license

A fire truck driving behind a car on U.S. Highway 6 in Avon on Nov. 21 alerted deputies that the driver of the car might be drunk.

A deputy contacted the 20-year-old driver when she parked near some apartment buildings. The woman didn't have a license - it had been revoked for criminal mischief and theft. She also had a warrant for failing to appear in court. She was arrested for driving without a license and for the warrant.

Drunken driving

across a trailer park

A deputy saw two cars driving through an Edwards trailer park with their lights off on Nov. 22. The deputy stopped the car in front but the second car drove away.

The 28-year-old driver said he was driving his friends home from across the trailer park. He said he knew his lights were off, then he said he didn't know they were off. He appeared to be intoxicated as well and admitted he had a few mixed drinks earlier.

The man agreed to perform voluntary sobriety tests and failed. He was arrested for further investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol and submitted to a blood test. He was cited for DUI.

The car belonged to a 33-year-old passenger in the car. That man was later found to have a warrant for failing to comply with the courts and violating a protection order that restrained him from alcohol. The deputy returned to the man's residence and arrested him for the warrant.

Still too drunk to drive

Around 10 a.m. Nov. 23, a driver on I-70 told deputies that another driver appeared to be nodding off at the wheel.

A deputy saw the suspect car parking at a fast-food restaurant in Eagle. The 24-year-old driver had trouble parking and vomited when he opened the car door.

The officer contacted him and noted vomit was all over the inside of the vehicle. The man said he drank a lot of beer and tequila until 2 a.m., when he stopped, but he still felt sick. He agreed to perform voluntary sobriety tests and failed. He was arrested for DUI and driving without a license.

Whose car?

A deputy stopped a car in Gypsum on Nov. 24 because it was missing a headlight.

The 24-year-old driver didn't have a license and could not provide the insurance and registration for the car. He said the car belonged to his friend but he didn't know his name.

The car was impounded and the man was cited for the defective headlight, driving an unregistered car and driving without a license.

Underage drunken driving

A deputy stopped a car in Edwards on Nov. 24 after the car made a careless left turn in front of the officer, who was driving the opposite direction.

The car smelled of alcohol and an 18-year-old man was driving. His breath smelled of alcohol and he said he had two beers earlier. He agreed to voluntary sobriety tests and failed.

He submitted to a breath test and was cited for DUI, possessing alcohol as a minor and failing to yield to oncoming traffic. His license was confiscated and he was released to a sober person.

Miscellaneous mischief

• The back windshield of a car was shattered Nov. 18 while it was parked on West Thomas Place in Beaver Creek. The damage was estimated to cost $400.

• A silver Nissan two-door pickup drove away from a Gypsum gas station without paying for $30 of fuel Nov. 22.

• The side window of a Vail Resorts transport truck was shattered in the Elk Lot of Beaver Creek sometime around Nov. 22. The damage was estimated at $150.

• A car was keyed while parked in front of an Edwards restaurant Nov. 23. The damage was estimated to cost $450.

• Deputies stopped a 29-year-old man for speeding on Highway 6 in Avon on Nov. 25. The man didn't have a license. He was cited for driving without a license.

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