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December 24, 2012
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"My best Christmas present ever"

"The gift that sticks in my mind was the one I received in 1978 when I was 6 years old. That was the year after the Broncos' first Super Bowl appearance against the Dallas Cowboys (Super Bowl XII). It was an electric, vibrating football game, complete with the entire AFC West. We grew up HUGE Broncos fans, and I was able to use my imagination to create epic games! Back in those days when I played, the Broncos were ALWAYS undefeated!"

- Scott Ruff

Gypsum Recreation Center Manager

"The most memorable Christmas I ever had was surviving Christmas Eve in the central highlands of Vietnam. I was 22 or 23 years old, stationed on the outer perimeter of an airfield. It was a tense situation with active involvement. I can't say more about that, but I felt the greatest relief when the event was over."

- Joe Hoy

Eagle County Sheriff

"Scuba gear and diving lessons with my husband changed our lives about 12 years ago. We started traveling more to go scuba diving. Snorkeling got us interested and then we took lessons from Beaver Divers in Beaver Creek."

- Anita Denboske

Owner of Active Communications and a founding member of the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce

"Not sure if you can print this one, but the most memorable gift I received was for a white elephant gift exchange at an office party. It was, in fact, excrement from a real elephant. It was shellacked, perfectly preserved, and surprisingly heavy. I was able to find a worthy recipient of the gift the following year."

- Bryan Treu

Eagle County Attorney

"Steve (Carver) gives me a bird's nest every year since I complained about a nest in the rafters outside Town Hall. Then there was the time Gypsum Town Attorney Bob Cole lost a case between an owner and a dog, so the town council gave him a book titled 'Dog Law for Dummies.'"

"Yeah, we gave him that," Carver said, laughing.

- Tom Edwards

Gypsum Town Council

"I graduated from college in December 1992 and that diploma was the best Christmas present ever and I earned it myself. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison."

- Sheryl Staten

Eagle Area Manager for Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District

"My favorite Christmas memory is when I got a pink boom box, I must have been about 8 or 9 years old. I also got three Madonna cassette tapes. My friends were all really jealous."

- Taylor Slaugh

Eagle Chamber of Commerce administrator

"I got a used snowmobile that I asked for around 1998. It was a money pit. I rode it for two years and it only made it back on its own power once. One time it ran all day and then I switched it off while I was waiting for a line of people and then it wouldn't start. I had to ride out with my friend and then come back with more people to tow it out. That thing got to be too expensive, so I don't use it anymore."

- Jeff Shreeve

Gypsum Public Works Director

"I would have to say the best Christmas present I ever got was the year we found out my wife was pregnant with our son. That was in 2004 and he was born in 2005."

- Greg Doan

Eagle Valley High School principal

Delighted Dad II

"The best Christmas present I ever got was my twin boys - Bode and Alden. They were born on Dec. 16, 10 years ago. Having them, and also having a healthy wife was great because it was kind of touch and go there for a while."

- Yuri Kostick

Eagle Mayor

"My most memorable gift was some rock climbing gear and a 'Climbing' magazine with a gift certificate inside of it for basic lessons. I had just turned 11 years old, which was the minimum age to take lessons at the climbing gym in those days. I'd always wanted to be a rock climber. My mom was afraid of heights and finally accepted that her son was going to climb regardless of how she felt about it, so she gave me the lessons. I still have the magazine. Climbing gave me goals to focus on growing up and it also kept me out of trouble, since I was spending all my time and money on climbing stuff."

- Derek Franz

Eagle Valley Enterprise reporter

"At some point during the late 1960s or early 1970s, my parents gave me a Schwinn 'Slick Chick' model stingray bike. It was metalic green with a banana seat and the requisite white plastic basket with green flowers to hang off the front handlebars. It had snowed in Longmont that Christmas, but the sun came out and melted the sidewalks so I could ride it around the block. But really, that was the second best present I ever got. On Dec. 24, 1986 - 26 years ago - my husband, John, proposed to me (complete with engagement ring) on the top of Vail Pass as we were headed to my parent's home for the holiday. That was definitely the best Christmas gift ever."

- Pam Boyd

Eagle Valley Enterprise editor

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