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April 3, 2013
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County cops

A deputy stopped a car in Edwards March 9 after it ran a stop sign without even tapping its brakes.

The car smelled of alcohol when the officer talked to the 34-year-old man and asked him to step out of the car for further questioning. The man said he had two beers with dinner and exhibited other signs of intoxication as he walked.

The officer then spoke with the 24-year-old woman in the car. She said she had two beers with dinner and the man had four rum and cokes.

The man was arrested for further investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol. He refused all testing and said he already had two DUIs in Ohio. He was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign and DUI.

A deputy was transporting a prisoner to jail in Eagle on March 10 when he saw a truck pulling a trailer and weaving out of its lane on Interstate 70. An SUV tried to pass the truck and had to swerve out of the way when the truck weaved halfway into the left lane.

The deputy radioed for another officer to stop the pickup since he had a prisoner. No other officer was immediately available, however. The deputy decided to stop the truck on his own since the pickup was such a traffic hazard.

The officer contacted the 39-year-old driver near Wolcott. The man's eyes were halfway shut and he had a bruise and a cut on his face. The car smelled of alcohol and the deputy asked the man how much he had to drink and what happened to his face. The man said he drank "too much to make it home" and that he got into a fight in Red Cliff.

At that time, another officer arrived to take over and the man was arrested for DUI and failing to drive in a single lane.

A deputy stopped a car for speeding in Eagle-Vail March 10 and smelled alcohol when he talked to the 25-year-old driver.

The man exhibited other signs of intoxication and had two other men in the car with him. He said he'd had two beers and agreed to perform voluntary roadside sobriety tests. He failed the roadsides and was arrested for further investigation of DUI.

The man's license plates turned out to be expired and when officers searched the car they found open beer cans. The man was jailed for DUI, displaying expired tags and speeding. His license was revoked.

A 43-year-old woman called 911 in Edwards March 11 to report another driver who ran her off the road when she tried to confront him about his driving.

She said she stopped at the Edwards exit to ask the man why he was driving so erratically and he drove at her on the sidewalk. She got back in her car and followed him into a business center. The woman told deputies the man started chasing her at that point and she drove off.

Officers quickly found the car at the business center and the suspect came out of a head shop when he saw them checking out his car. The 26-year-old man said the woman cut him off on I-70 and he flipped her off. The woman was also getting off at Edwards and she stopped in the middle of the exit ramp, got out of her car and approached him. He didn't want to talk to her, so he drove on the sidewalk to get around her. He denied driving at the woman but he said he flipped her off again. Then he saw the woman following him so he drove to his friend's shop.

The deputies found the man's license was canceled for an unpaid ticked. He was cited for driving under restraint and warned for disorderly conduct.

Deputies received a call on March 13 that a 61-year-old man was yelling and ranting in the Eagle County Building. He said the county wasn't helping him so he was going to shoot a dog.

Deputies contacted the man at his home in Gypsum. He wouldn't speak to the officers, so his wife talked to them. She said he was bitten by the neighbor's German Shepherd a couple years ago and he has been trying to get the dog removed ever since. He saw a strange dog wander into the yard that day and believed the German Shepherd attacked it.

A man who saw the incident and knew the German Shepherd's owner said a dog did come into the yard but wasn't attacked. He said they played a while and then the strange dog "freaked out" a bit when it couldn't find a way out of the yard.

Deputies told the 61-year-old's wife that they would contact Eagle County Animal Services and the dog owner to make sure they knew about the incident. They said their primary concern in this case, however, is her husband's behavior. She said she understood and would speak with him about it.

A deputy was conducting a traffic stop for speeding on U.S. Highway 6 in Avon March 15 when a truck drove by at an excessive speed. The officer cut off the initial stop and pursued the truck.

She followed the truck into a parking lot, where it continued at a high speed, as if attempting to flee. The driver eventually stopped and the officer contacted the 51-year-old man.

The deputy smelled alcohol and the man was visibly intoxicated. He said he only had one beer with dinner. The deputy asked him to step out of the car and the man got out with his hands behind him, anticipating that he would be handcuffed. The officer said she was only examining his ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The man said, "Let's cut the BS. I've had too much to drink."

The man agreed to voluntary sobriety tests and failed. He was arrested for further investigation of DUI.

On the way to jail, he told the deputy, "You're doing me a favor."

He was jailed for DUI, careless driving, failure to signal a turn and failure to provide proof of insurance. His license was seized.

A deputy was driving by the dog park on Miller Ranch Road in Edwards March 16 and saw a red sedan had rolled down the hill and crashed through the fence. A woman stood nearby.

The 64-year-old lady said her dogs were so excited when they arrived that she let them out and forgot to put the car in park. When she saw it roll, she was too far away to stop it.

There was heavy damage to the car and a 12-foot section of fence was broken.

A man called deputies from a Beaver Creek parking garage on March 17 when he returned from a day of skiing and caught a 21-year-old man kicking his car.

Officers observed dents and marks on all the doors and the front door handle was broken off. The 21-year-old said he thought the car was his dad's and got upset when his key wouldn't unlock the door. He said he wasn't feeling well while skiing and wanted to lie down in the car. He got frustrated when the key didn't work and broke off inside the lock.

The deputies asked the suspect if had been drinking. The man said he had three or four drinks with lunch and stopped talking when they asked if he was on any other drugs. He was arrested for criminal mischief.

A driver reported a possible drunken driver on eastbound I-70 in Glenwood Canyon March 17.

The witness said the car was weaving so badly he couldn't pass it. He followed it all the way through the canyon and saw it exit the interstate at Gypsum.

Deputies ran the license plate information and went to the suspect's address in Gypsum. The 30-year-old man was sitting in the parked car and urinating from the open driver-side door. Several empty beer bottles were inside and the man said he'd been drinking with friends in Glenwood Springs. His wife came outside and said she told him to call if he needed her to pick him up.

The man was arrested for further investigation of DUI. He was cited for DUI, driving with open containers of alcohol and careless driving, and released to his wife.

A deputy stopped a car for speeding on I-70 near Eagle-Vail on March 19 and suspected the 22-year-old driver was under the influence of marijuana.

The officer discovered the woman's insurance was expired and that she had a warrant out of Mesa County for an unresolved charge of possessing alcohol as a minor.

The woman agreed to perform voluntary roadside sobriety tests and failed. She submitted to a blood test and was released to a sober friend. She was cited for driving under the influence of drugs and failing to present valid insurance.

• A Burton "Trick Pony" snowboard was stolen from a rack on Vail Mountain on March 2. The black and green board is a demo board and won't be available at retail stores until next year.

• A Dell notebook computer worth $1,000 went missing from a home in Cordillera during the month of February. The homeowner said he had so many people go in and out of his house during that time he couldn't think of a particular suspect.

• A student at Eagle Valley High School reported that her $200 iPhone and $5 was stolen from her purse while she was in a rehearsal in the school play March 6.

• A black wallet with $100 and a Visa card was stolen after it was left on the counter of a bar in Edwards March 9.

• An office window at an Edwards trailer park was shattered March 10. The damage appeared to be done with a BB gun and was estimated at $500.

• A beige extended-cab pickup drove off from a Gypsum gas station without paying for $41 of fuel that was pumped on March 11.

• A pair of Movement Sluff skis worth $600 were stolen from a rack at the base of a gondola on Vail Mountain March 13.

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