Alleged burglar faces 35 more charges in Mesa County |

Alleged burglar faces 35 more charges in Mesa County

Eric Callaghan

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado – A man accused of robbing automatic teller machines in at least three counties was charged with 25 more felonies in Mesa County.

Eric Callaghan’s 35 separate counts in Mesa County are in addition to the seven felonies he faces in Eagle County.

“Mr. Callaghan was charged with 35 separate counts, including 18 counts of burglary or attempted burglary from various businesses and ATMs in Grand Junction,” said Jeremy Savage, senior trial deputy district attorney with the Mesa County district attorney’s office.

Callaghan, 24, of Avon, faces up to 66 years in prison just on his seven Eagle County felony charges, and up to 100 years for his Mesa County charges.

He is accused of breaking into 25 ATMs in Eagle and Summit counties, and 22 more in Grand Junction.

Callaghan was arrested after what District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said was outstanding police work by officers in Avon, Vail and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

November arrest

Callaghan allegedly used a grinder to break into an ATM in Avon during his last burglary, said Lt. Greg Daly with the Avon police department. He committed the burglary Nov. 19 between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., police said.

Callaghan had purchased the tool earlier in the day at Walmart, Hurlbert said. He allegedly used it to break into the ATM, then threw it in the trash behind the building.

“Our crime scene technician was investigating a burglary in Avon and did an excellent job,” Daly said. “She checked the downstairs and found some physical evidence.”

With that physical evidence they were able to track the tool back to Callaghan, Daly said.

Walmart helped track down Callaghan through the store’s accounting and security surveillance systems, Daly said.

Callaghan left Walmart in a taxi, and the taxi company helped investigators come up with a phone number. That helped them pinpoint Callaghan, Daly said.

“With the help of Vail and the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, we were able to conclude this year-and-a-half investigation,” Daly said.

Callaghan remains in the Eagle County jail on $100,000 bond.

He is set to return to Mesa County Court on March 22.

His alleged burglary spree cost more than $100,000 in lost cash and damages, Daly said.

Callaghan’s next Eagle County court appearance is 10 a.m. March 2 before District Court Judge Fred Gannett.

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