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Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

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Bank robbed in El Jebel

EL JEBEL – When the Vectra Bank branch in the El Jebel area of Basalt was robbed March 2, the incident occurred at 10:40 a.m. on a Friday when a lone suspect wearing a dark face mask and dark glasses handed the teller a note demanding money from the drawer.

At approximately 10:20 a.m. Friday, the same bank was struck by an unknown male who again was wearing a dark face mask and dark glasses, and handed the very teller from the March 1 incident another note with the same demand.

No weapons were produced or threatened by the robber on either occasion, according to police.

And, like the March 1 heist, the suspect got away on foot, police said.

“I’m really amazed that this happened again,” said Basalt Sgt. Stu Curry, who could not say how much cash the robber took off with Friday. “Getting hit again, at the same bank, on a Friday, it just seems unbelievable.”

Curry said he did not know if the robber in the March 1 caper was the same as Friday’s hit.

“Vectra Bank was the first bank robbed in the history of Basalt, and It seems unbelievable that the same person would hit the same bank again,” he said. “But it’s certainly possible this is the same person.”

Police have bank video surveillance from both incidents, Curry noted.

“It’s difficult to know for sure,” he said. “We don’t have the face” in the video evidence.

This time, however, police have more physical evidence from the suspect.

Curry said the man discarded his face mask, hat and a hoodie sweatshirt near the creek that runs near the defunct seafood restaurant by the bank, which is located at 218 E. Valley Road, next to the UPS Store.

“It looks like he tried to throw the mask and hat in the creek, but it didn’t make it,” noted Curry, adding that he’s hopeful DNA evidence can be gleaned from the items.

Curry said police have other evidence as well, but declined to provide specifics as to not compromise the investigation. He also noted that a vice president of Vectra happened to be at the El Jebel branch when the robbery occurred. He said he did not know if any customers were also inside the bank, which was temporarily closed after the robbery.

Basalt police are asking anyone with information about the robbery or robber to call the department at 970-927-4316. Calls can also be made to Crime Stoppers at 970-945-0101.

The FBI is assisting Basalt Police Department with the investigation.

Curry said that since the March 1 robbery, police have been “really diligent” on staying in touch with the bank and its neighboring businesses and consistently asking them if they have seen suspicious looking-people in the immediate area.