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Eagle County is lucky in love

Special the DailyMatt and Diana Scherr, Avon

These were the stories that made us smile, and tear up a little.

With nearly two dozen entries to choose from, choosing the winners of the Vail Daily/TV8 Tell Us Your Love Story contest wasn’t easy, but these three entries stood out from the rest, and warmed our hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Neighbors. Girl next door.

First date, sushi, sake, playing in rail yards. She locks his keys in his car, gets car high-sided on pavement. Best date ever.

Best friends. Soul mates. Time of their lives. She: “I love you.” He: “Yeah, I … you’re really great!”

The family loves her. “She’s way too good for you.” I know, “What’s wrong with me?” Sister: “Hmm … maybe you’re gay.”

She: “I can’t wait around for you to fall in love with me.” Breaks it off. Travels.

With another guy.

He … comes around. “He’s not right for you.”

“Hey, what’s that on your finger?”

She moves with Other Guy to Ohio.


He discovers positive affirmations. “I, Boy, will marry Girl.” 15 times a day. Every day.

In New Zealand he buys carved whale bone pendant warriors wear to hold their spirit. They give it to their brides. “She’ll have this someday.”

“I, Boy will marry…”

Time passes. No word. Necklace breaks.

“I, Boy … give up.”

Year after Girl’s wedding date, Boy sees Girl’s sister. Happy? Kids? “No, Boy, not married yet.”

“Not … yet? But the date …”

“I, Boy, will marry Girl. I, Boy, will marry Girl.” etc., etc., etc…

Girl comes back. Boy marries Girl.

– Matt and Diana Scherr, Avon

It was a beautiful powder day in Vail. I was snowboarding solo and hopped on a lift with a fun group of locals who invited me to ride with them. After a few runs we met up with their friend in line for Chair 2, which is when I met Chris. We spent the morning riding their secret stashes together, until I got lost. I had fallen behind riding through the Ouzo glade and figured my tour of Vail Mountain was over. I rounded a tree and almost ran over Chris, covered in snow and swearing at the rock he just hit.

Looking back we should probably thank the rock that took a huge gouge out of his brand new snowboard for bringing us together that day. We got back on the lift and I’ll never forget the way he asked me for my “digits” in true ’90s fashion. Thankfully we were able to recognize each other later that week sans helmet and goggles and have been together ever since. As of last year our lives also include a golden retriever named Avanti, after the lift where it all started.

– Katie Wood, Denver and Chris Kennedy, Vail

I’ve kept a journal for almost my entire life so when I met Kerry it was only natural that I wrote about him and these were some of my first thoughts, “I have to remember this moment … I just met this super amazing guy with an adorable smile! We held hands all night, and it felt like one of those moments that you don’t think anyone is watching you, you don’t care, and you’re in your own world. ” (June 2005, Gore Range Brewery)

Shortly after meeting we went on our first date … a hike up the Beaver Lake trail. After spending the day with each other I was so excited that he was still exactly what I was looking for… he had goals, was talkative, outdoorsy and sporty. Thoughts in my head at the time were: “I don’t want to jinx this … but I could see myself dating this guy for a really long time. He’s one of those guys that don’t come by too often and I know I’m jumping the gun, especially since it’s so early on, but I think he could be the one … ” and three months later on Sept. 13, 2005 I wrote, “I REALLY REALLY LOVE HIM!”

Life is funny how it works out … we both moved to the valley looking to escape the real world for just a few months, never anticipating that we would find love, travel the world together, buy a condo in Edwards and get an adorable golden retriever.

On Oct. 10, 2010 (10-10-10) Kerry proposed to me at the exact same lake of our first date five years earlier. A coincidence or was it fate? I picked the hike that morning.

Carrying on the tradition of our love for Beaver Creek we got married at Beano’s Cabin on July 16, 2011 and are about to celebrate our seventh year together this June. We have our friends and the Vail Valley to thank!

– Kirsten and Kerry Conner, Avon

Gypsum resident Jessica Martinez lost her grandmother, Delores, last month and felt compelled to share her grandma’s love story with the Vail Daily. On her wedding day, Jessica’s grandmother wrote her a letter with these words: “I hope you have the good fortune of having a super good man to you, like Garth is to me.”

Here is the story of Delores and Garth, as told by Jessica Martinez.

In 1932, 15-year-old Delores had two boyfriends: Ray and Garth. At one point, Ray told her, “It is either him or me.” Delores chose Ray. They married, had seven children and had a long, wonderful life together. In 1998, Ray passed away and Delores thought that she would live out the rest of her years alone.

Sixty nine years after they broke up, Delores’ first boyfriend, Garth, still though about her. His wife had passed away, and he decided to look Delores up on the internet. At age 84, he drove from Oregon to northern Wisconsin to find her. He courted her by cooking her dinner every night. At that point she shared with me that she had a wonderful boyfriend. Within the year, they packed her bags and ran off to Oregon. When they married in 2003, Delores was 86 years old and Garth was 87.

I am very happy that my grandmother and Garth were fortunate enough to find love and happiness at an age when many people are lonely. They have since passed away, but they have taught us that it is never too late to fall in love.