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What’s up with WECMRD

The Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District – commonly known as WECMRD – offers a variety of summer activities and events. Some of those for the Eagle and Gypsum areas are listed below. For more information, visit www.wecmrd.org.

Thursday, July 24

Deadline to register for Rock Climbing Camp.

Friday, July 25

Friday Fun Day at the Gypsum Recreation Center – Vail Parks.

Saturday, July 26

Deadline to register for Friday Fun Day, Aug. 1 — Golf and swimming at the Gypsum Recreation Center.

Deadline to register for Time Travel Week.

Sunday, July 27

Deadline to register for Gymnastics/Cheer Camp.

July 28-31

Rock Climbing Camp – Eagle Pool and Ice Rink.

Time Travel Week — Gypsum Recreation Center.

July 28 – Aug. 1

Gymnastics/Cheer Camp – Gypsum Recreation Center.

The on-going Rec Kids Summer Camps, swimming lessons and Friday Fun Days continue to be a fun way to spend summer days.Sign up today at www.wecmrd.org.