Granby bulldozer may be cut for scrap |

Granby bulldozer may be cut for scrap

Allen Best

GRANBY – No decision has been made about what will be done with the bulldozer driven by Marvin Heemeyer, who plowed into 13 buildings on June 4, but it probably won’t end up in a museum or the town park.Both those latter ideas have been widely circulated, and there is precedent, of sorts. Many parks have tanks and missiles, and museums have the old rifles used by bad men and good men. The district attorney’s office in Grand County, where Granby is located, is trying to obtain the bulldozer, and the Sky-Hi News reports talk of dismembering the machinery for its value in scrap metal. The bulldozer was manufactured by Komatsu, but is roughly the equivalent of a D-9 Caterpillar.Meanwhile, there continues to be a discussion about whether Heemeyer got a bum deal. Patrick Brower, the editor of the Sky-Hi News, whose building was gutted by Heemeyer, says absolutely not.”Some people assume that ‘government’ somehow kicked a ‘good’ man and overextended its power,” Brower said. “From where I was sitting the opposite was true.”Durango-Moab trail caters to bicyclesDURANGO – A new hut system catering to mountain bike riders between Durango and Moab opened this summer.The 215-mile route uses existing roads and primitive paths and is studded by six small portable huts stocked with food, water and sleeping bags.The owner, Joe Ryan, already operates a mountain bike route between Telluride and Moab. He told the Durango Telegraph that compared to the older route, this new trail is more remote and also more visually stunning. While the riding is technically easy, the overall length makes it more physically demanding. It also will challenge the route-finding abilities of riders, he said.Ryan said he was annoyed with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management for not moving as fast as he had wanted. It took the agencies 14 months to process his proposal and conclude the impacts were acceptable. There was no environmental opposition.

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