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High Altitude Society: Star Dancing Gala 2012

Professional dancer Colin Meiring spins Lynda Gustafson during their Cha Cha performance to "Don't Stop Believing" during the Star Dancing Gala.

The Vail Valley Jet Center was transformed into a sight to behold for Monday night’s Star Dancing Gala to benefit the Vail Valley Foundation’s partner, The Youth Foundation. Large screens were hung all around the hangar so that the sold-out crowd of guests could view live streaming video of speakers and dancers. Inspirational words like aspire, create and imagine were lit up along the walls. “Imagine!” was the evening’s theme, as in imagine how many lives are positively impacted by the long reaching arm of this education foundation; imagine the possibilities when children are encouraged to realize their dreams.

Vail Valley Foundation President Ceil Folz gave a warm welcome to all and thanked those involved with the partnering of the Vail Valley Foundation and The Youth Foundation. Master of Ceremonies, Brian Nolan did a fabulous job of keeping the evening lighthearted and fun. Nolan joked about his own dancing skills, “My wife, Pat Nolan and I have enjoyed dancing lessons twice in our life. Both of them were gifts from my wife and everyone knows how that works, so, you must go to the dancing lessons. And, I can tell you that we graduated both times, with Colin’s blessing, as the class clowns.”

And, then there were the dancers who took their lessons seriously. There were long, exhausting rehearsals for these volunteer local notable dancers and their professional dance partners. Taking the stage were Anne Roberts, Lynda Gustafson, Mark Kogan, Kelly Liken, Susan Frampton, Carl Colby and Luca Bruno. Dance instructor Colin Meiring shared, “These brave performers are not just dancing, they are each telling a story and bearing their souls … They have delved into the process of the ‘arts.’ They have learned what it is to share what they feel through dance.”

Much gratitude was expressed to sponsors and supporters for inspiring the imagination of local children and opening the doors for continued success. Hosts Barbie Allen, Kathy Cole and Mary and David Davies were congratulated on their efforts to help make a huge difference in the lives of children. Can you imagine yourself in the spotlight on that stage in front of many hundreds of people dancing your heart out for a good cause?

For more information visit http://www.theyouthfoundation.org.