Instrument Petting Zoo makes summer debut Sunday in Vail |

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Instrument Petting Zoo makes summer debut Sunday in Vail

Special to the Daily

VAIL – Bravo Vail Valley Music Festival’s Instrument Petting Zoo is ready to strike a chord this summer. The interactive exhibit will be presented at various community events in the Eagle County during the summer. Appropriate for children of all ages, the Instrument Petting Zoo gives participants the opportunity to play musical instruments and learn how they make their sounds.

“Everyone loves the zoo. Children and adults become instantly engaged and discover the thrill of playing an instrument,” said Liz Campbell, the festival’s education director.

Children will experiment with real orchestral instruments in the woodwind, brass, percussion and string families.

With the decrease in funding for school music and arts programs, the Instrument Petting Zoo creates accessibility to instruments for children.

“Kids get to toot their own horn at the Zoo. By offering a variety of instruments, the Festival hopes to spark the interest of music in more children across the County,” Campbell said.

The Instrument Petting Zoo makes its summer debut at the Vail Farmers Market Sunday. For a detailed schedule or to donate an instrument, visit Bravo’s website

In its 25th Anniversary Season, Bravo looks forward to a summer of spectacular music featuring the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, The Philadelphia Orchestra, The New York Philharmonic, Big Music for Little Bands and 50 solo and chamber artists. For a full festival schedule visit or call 877-812-5700.