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Police reports: Teen injured at party

Eagle Valley Enterprise

Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

A deputy interviewed two 19-year-old men at Avon Urgent Care on June 23 after they were assaulted at a party in the woods outside Wolcott. One of the men had a broken jaw, a concussion and cut on the back of his head.

The men said they ended up at a different party than the one they thought they were going to. They didn’t know anyone but recognized a couple of women they’d seen before. The man who ended up with the broken jaw was talking to one of the women when a man walked up on his left side and punched him. The teen turned to look at the man and he punched him again, knocking him out.

The other 19-year-old went to help his friend up and the man punched him. He fought with the man for a minute until someone yelled that the police were coming and the man ran off.

The teens described the man as a Hispanic in his late 20s, about 5 foot, 8 inches tall and 170 pounds. The deputy told the teens to notify the sheriff’s office if they find the suspect’s identity.

Gas suckers

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A resident of Spring Circle in Gypsum told deputies on June 17 that someone tried to siphon gas out of his truck the previous night.

The man said the siphoning of gas out of his vehicles has been a problem for a few years. It happens in spurts, usually on Friday and Saturday nights. He tried preventing it by keeping a porch light on and recently bought a gas cap with a lock on it. He showed the broken gas cap to the deputy and said gas was not siphoned out this time.

He said his family doesn’t have problems with anyone and suspects that kids are responsible.

Criminal trespassing

A deputy went to an impound lot in Gypsum on June 18 on a report that a 19-year-old man broke into the lot to get things from his car, which was impounded three days earlier. The man was quoted as saying he was going to drive his car out of the lot.

He told the officer that he called the lot that day to get his checkbook from the car and was told that no one could help him on Sundays. He would have to wait a day. So he slipped through a gap in the fence and went into his car, looking for his checkbook.

The deputy arrested the man, cited him for criminal trespassing and released him.

The owner of the impound lot said he towed the car from private property after the property owner complained. The car was also properly tagged by the sheriff’s office.

Bar fight

Deputies investigated reports of a fight at an Edwards bar on June 23.

An officer arrived and saw the bar owner standing outside. His shirt was torn and he had a bloody nose. He said there were about 10 men who left in a red Jeep, going up Bull Run toward the church. He said a man in a blue shirt punched him.

The deputy went up Bull Run to Lariat Loop and found the suspect vehicle. She saw two people walking away into a field and others were in and around the Jeep.

The officer told the people walking away to stop but they ignored her and continued walking out of sight. The people around the car initially ignored her orders to come to her as well. They eventually complied except for two men in the car.

One man was 35 years old, had blood all over him and a torn blue shirt. The other man was 23 and very intoxicated. He was missing his shoes and didn’t know how he lost them. He had a bloody lip and told the deputy different stories of what happened at the bar. The most coherent one he told said he fought the bar owner’s 21-year-old son over a girl. The 35-year-old man said the bar owner punched him so he punched him back.

The officer told the two men they were being cited for assault.

One of the women identified herself as the driver. She said she came to pick the men up after her boyfriend called and when she arrived they were fighting outside the bar. The woman didn’t have a license but the deputy let her go with a warning so that she could drive the men home.

The deputy then returned to the bar, where the owner and his son were cleaning up a broken window that had been in the door. She asked the 21-year-old son if he’d been in a fight. He said he only tried to separate it, that it started between the 35-year-old and 23-year-old when they were being asked to leave so that the bar could close. The deputy asked to see the 21-year-old’s hands, which showed no evidence of him hitting anyone.

The bartender confirmed the 21-year-old’s account. He said the group of men started fighting a couple times and he saw the bar owner get punched as he tried to get them out of the bar. On their way out, the 35-year-old punched the window in the door, breaking the first pane of glass, and the 23-year-old punched out the second pane.

The bar owner estimated the window would cost about $500 to repair.

The deputy went to the men’s homes and notified them they would be charged with criminal mischief as well for the broken window.

Shooting cars on the highway

Three people driving on U.S. Highway 6 near Arrowhead Drive in Edwards on June 23 reported their car windows were shot out with a BB gun or golf ball as they were driving. The evidence seemed to indicate a BB gun.

Minturn squatters

On June 26, a Minturn landlord told deputies that two men were squatting in his rental unit.

He said his previous renter moved out and neighbors noticed two unknown men who started coming and going from the house that was supposed to be empty. The landlord didn’t want to charge the men, he only wanted a deputy along for his safety when he made them leave.

The men weren’t there when the deputy and landlord arrived but there were three dogs, a backpack and a box of cleaning supplies. The landlord changed the locks and the items were left on the doorstep with a note from the deputy explaining the situation. An animal control officer took custody of the dogs.

Gas skip

A woman drove away from an Edwards gas station on June 19 after she pumped gas and was told the store could not accept checks. The woman asked if she could go to the bank and return to pay the bill. The clerk said that was fine as long as she left some identification. The woman refused and left. Deputies investigated information associated with the woman’s license plate number but it was apparently expired or false.

Pickup rummaged

Items were stolen from a box in the bed of a pickup truck parked on Riverview Road in Gypsum on June 19. The items were worth about $90 and were used for trailers. The owner said the truck’s glove box was rummaged about two weeks earlier.

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