Radio Flyer offers a new thrill for mountain bikers |

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Radio Flyer offers a new thrill for mountain bikers

VAIL, Colorado – Outdoor enthusiasts are always searching for the newest way to get a rush, so what better way than by soaring down a new trail on Vail Mountain?

If you have a need for speed, head over to Vail Mountain for a thrilling ride down its newest mountain-biking trail, Radio Flyer.

“The cool thing about the trail is that it lets you know exactly what you’re getting into in the first 100 feet,” said John McDade, vice president of the Vail Valley Mountain Biking Association and previous rider of the new trail.

The people of Vail Mountain and the Mountain Biking Association put their hands together just over a week ago to finish the trail and were able to get it open a week before they anticipated.

“This is kind of the new evolution in trail building for mountain biking called flow trails,” said Jamie Malin, co-chair of the Mountain Biking Association.

Vail Mountain has a peak elevation of a little more than 11,500 feet that will give you just the rush you need.

Radio Flyer is built like a traditional flow trail but with an edge due to the jumps and downhill features.

“It puts more variation into it and gives the trail a lot more flow to where the rider does not have to use the brakes very often,” Malin said. “They can kind of just pump speed through it.”

McDade said that on the trail, after you stop heading east and start riding west, there is a drop that makes you feel like you are riding something almost as steep as a stairwell.

Although it is classified as an upper intermediate trail, Radio Flyer is available for any intermediate to advanced mountain bikers.

The trail begins at Eagle’s Nest and heads toward the western side of the mountain. During the ride, you wind through trees and pass under the Pride Express Lift.

“Compared to Big Mamba, the new trail has a lot fewer turns so you can really get your momentum and go a little faster,” Malin said.

According to McDade, his favorite part is that you do not really have to use your brakes because the trail itself controls your speed.

“It is an excellent trail because it’s fun, fast and flowy,” McDade said. “I think that it’s a great addition to the valley.”

For more information, visit or call 970-754-8245.

Mary Kelley Zeleskey is an intern at the Vail Daily and can be reached at 970-777-3120.