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Danny Davis riding Vail this week

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VAIL – Danny Davis is ready to hit the slopes again.

The popular pro snowboarder broke his femur last August while doing training runs at the Burton High Fives event in New Zealand, putting him out of the mix for a while.

He had surgery here in Vail, and, now in town for the Burton U.S. Open, he’s been out shredding.-

“I’ve been hitting those aspens you can see from Golden Peak, and rode with some locals from the Burton Store today who took me on some sick lines,” he said. “They took us to the top of (Chair 6) and over to the next chair over there, we were ripping it. This run was on a great run, like a banked slalom the whole way down, tight turns in the trees.”

He had a surgery on it in December here in Vail, and got a chance to check in with his doctor while he was here.

“He said it’s the last x-ray he needed to see,” Davis said. “The femur, the bone itself, no pain with that whatsoever. But there’s still little things. I think my butt muscle is a little weak so I’m compensating for things, and then my knee gets a little sore, so I just have to stay on top of my stretching and icing … I’ll be doing PT for the next couple months, you definitely have to tend to it.”

While he won’t be returning to the competition scene until he’s “157 percent,” he says, he has been enjoying being back on the board while in town for the Open.

“Vail’s a fun mountain,” he said. “It’s a great mountain to be in a snowboard contest and not be able to do it … If we were at Stratton I’d be a little bit bored.”