Vail Daily letter: Come on already; finish the bridge |

Vail Daily letter: Come on already; finish the bridge

Scott Biehl
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dear Matterhorn bridge contractor: I have lived in the tranquil Matterhorn neighborhood for over a decade, and the bridge has always served the community as a very functional piece of engineering.

A six-month project to complete a new bridge entering the west Vail neighborhood never seemed like it was an unfavorable idea, until the inclement weather besieged the valley. Did that idea ever cross the vapid mind of said contractor that snow is inevitable?

We are over two weeks passed from the promised date of completion (Dec.15). I hope the contractors are facing fines and sanctions that this town government should have in place. Did they need to have a weeklong Thanksgiving holiday? Three day weekend? Is it too cold for your poor boys to work outside?

Some days people show up just in time to sit around for a couple hours. They go home without doing a thing work-related, and no progress is made. if its our tax dollars paying you, then let it be known that this fiasco unacceptable. Finish the project that someone paid you to complete.

Scott Biehl


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