Vail Daily letter: Jeffersonian logic? |

Vail Daily letter: Jeffersonian logic?

Lee Smith

How blessed the Vail Daily is. Up until today I thought it had only one contributor gifted with the knowledge of what Thomas Jefferson would think and say if he were alive today.

I am speaking of the Rev. Jack Van Ens, who often likes to dress up as Jefferson while he tells us that Jefferson (like Jesus) would be a liberal Democrat if he were among us today.

Now the good reverend has been joined by attorney Rohn K. Robbins, who tells us in the Jan. 23 Daily that Jefferson would be all for what Robbins calls president Obama’s “modest proposals” to restrict the right to keep and bear arms.

In my view the president’s proposals are about as modest as Jonathan Swift’s satirical proposal that the Irish eat their own children. But how can one argue with a man who knows what Thomas Jefferson’s opinion would be?

Lee Smith

Red Cliff

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