Vail’s Cogswell Gallery hosts artist Wednesday |

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Vail’s Cogswell Gallery hosts artist Wednesday

Special to the Daily

Dan Deuter, a Colorado western artist, expertly paints buffalo, Indians, cowboys and the Old West from the late 1800s with oil paints. He will be showing his new pieces at Cogswell Gallery Wednesday, as well as painting in the gallery.

Deuter grew up on a cattle ranch in South Dakota, breaking horses and working as a cowboy, living the life that he now paints. The ranch included two pre-Columbian buffalo jumps and countless tipi rings, which served his young imagination and created a love of history. He started drawing at an early age, inspired by the life he was living.

In 1988, Deuter moved to Colorado and worked as a buffalo hunter, guiding 1870s style horseback hunts. He has much reference material from these experiences, and knows each buffalo that he paints. Deuter is interested in rebuilding historic cabins and repairs old equipment, traps beaver, hunts buffalo, hand-tans hides, makes buckskin clothing and quivers decorated with beading, making his art more authentic.

Deuter has also produced realistic photo shoots for artists across the country and modeled for many well-known western artists, including some that are in the Cowboy Artists of America. He has many mountain man outfits that he makes himself, and he can be seen in other artist’s work. Some of these artists mentored Deuter, expanding his painting skills.

His realistic and often action-packed paintings hang in collections world-wide and are noted for their historical accuracy and detail. Deuter has combined a lifetime of personal experiences and research of the Old West into his art.