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March 23, 2014
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Pales to Iraq

Dick Gustafson recently wrote a column, “ Clinton can’t bury Benghazi “ in which, and not for the first time, he tries to hold Hilary Clinton’s feet to the fire, not to mention our sitting, supposedly lying, President’s, over what happened or what did not happen in Benghazi on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 ( good intelligence or not and the then upcoming elections aside ).

Now, while I do commiserate with the families of the “ 4 “ people that were supposedly sacrificed as a result of what happened, or did not happen, at our embassy over there, on a scale of 1 to 10, when comparing with our country’s decision to go into Iraq ( for the 2nd time ), it’s probably a 0.125, whereas the “ 2nd Gulf War “ should probably be a 15. Never mind trying to compare it to Watergate, as Mr. Gustafson points out that some have.

George W. Bush, or was it the behind the scenes Dick Cheney? I can’t quite remember, after having rightly decided to go into Afghanistan in recompense for 9/11 itself, then in his ( or was it the other his, maybe it was Wolfowitz, or was it Donald of the Rum? I’m not sure ) infinite wisdom then decided to go off on a tangent and into Iraq, for the 2nd time ( or did I already mention that ). Ten years later and after the death of around 4000 military personnel ( that is 1000 x “ 4 “ just in case you were wondering ) we were finally able to concentrate on Afghanistan again, thanks to a President who realized that a tangent was a trigonometric function and not an acute and terrible diversification. Oh! did I mention the 250,000 or so, that were injured and permanently maimed as a result of Iraq II, and that’s just on our side, let’s not forget them.....

Obama will get us out of Afghanistan ( Warmongers, or no Warmongers ) too, as soon as it is feasibly possible, if not sooner.

When George W. and his cronies ( and I don’t necessarily include Colin Powell here ) allowed 4000 Americans to be sacrificed and another 250,000 to be maimed, on extremely dubious intel, upcoming elections did not come into the equation. It wasn’t about who was to come into power soon, or retain power for that matter, but it could, however, have been all about power itself and who were ready to wield it.....We are still awaiting the consequences of “ their “ actions and lies.....

Peter Smith.

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