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June 15, 2013
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Extraterrestrial evidence

In case you missed this in the news (it was given very little publicity in our country), there were citizen hearings on disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence around our planet held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., from April 29 to May 3. A panel consisting of six former members of Congress — a senator and five representatives — listened to experts from around the world testify that our Earth has been and is still being visited by extraterrestrials. The speakers included government officials, military pilots and personnel, astronauts and scientists who have knowledge of the alien presence.

The panelists, most of whom had little or no knowledge of the overwhelming evidence that alien spacecraft, commonly referred to as unidentified flying objects, are real, were amazed by the testimony of these experts, which can be found at After the hearings were over, the panel issued a proposal for hearings at the United Nations.

The panel called for nations to propose a resolution within the United Nations for “a world conference addressing the possible evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.”

Over many years there have been hundreds of thousands of sightings of UFOs and millions of creditable witnesses around the world, including Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Sen. Richard Russell, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, astronauts Gordon Cooper and Deke Slayton, entertainer Jackie Gleason and Beatles member John Lennon, to name a few.

Many famous people that have spoken out on the reality of UFOs, including rocket scientists Hermann Oberth and Werner Von Braun, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, generals Douglas MacArthur and George Marshall, British Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, Admiral of the Fleet Lord Norton-Hill and physicists Dr. James McDonald and Dr. Peter Sturrock. Add to this millions of creditable witnesses worldwide who include military pilots and personnel, commercial pilots, police officers, scientists, government officials and professional people.

U.S. government documents confirm the existence of these craft and admit that they may be interplanetary. Documents also show that there is a coordinated effort between the United States and other governments to deny the existence of UFOs, to suppress the truth and to use the media to debunk the phenomena.

But millions of people worldwide now believe that UFOs represent alien craft and are working for their governments to release what they know, and many countries have already done this. France has been a leader in this and in 1999 released the Cometa Report, the result of a three-year study of the UFO phenomena, which concluded that the best explanation for these craft was extraterrestrial.

And if you are still a skeptic, search for “Salida CO UFO” on Youtube. This excellent video shows a cigar-shaped mothership that was seen in the area by dozens of witnesses and captured on video by a Salida man. There have been perhaps thousands of sightings of craft similar to this, often seen launching discs (i.e., flying saucers), and it appears some are caught on this video. Experts examining the video estimated that this alien craft was at 80,000 feet and half a mile long!

For mankind, the implications that we are not alone in the universe are indeed great, and we should acknowledge the existence of these craft and begin efforts to make contact with them. It will be the beginning of a new era for our species.

Bob Fiske


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