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August 4, 2014
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Vail Daily column: What's different this time?

Only in the Middle East can a 72-hour cease-fire last barely an hour and a half.

These people spin as if they’re on an entirely different planet.

In less time than it takes to drive to Denver, watch the first half of a Bronco game or play the front nine in Vail, the “duly elected leaders in Gaza” (an ironic phrase if there ever was one) thought they could be sneaky little terrorists and kidnap an Israeli soldier without anyone noticing.

Oh, and they tossed a few dozen missiles over the Israeli border at the same time for good measure, but they, like most other missiles, hit the Iron Dome and ended up killing a few of their own instead. It’s like the TV show “Under the Dome,” only with those on the inside trying to bomb their way free.

Either way, standard method of operation, standard result.

So what’s a planet’s leading superpower to do?

Well, let’s see, according to one side of the American politic, diplomatic tactics are the only way to proceed, yet another side, as far as every other conflict around the globe is concerned, elects to use force of some kind.

Preferably the American kind.

Think sanctions will never have any effect on Russia?

So let’s bomb ’em and send a few more American kids to die in the meantime.

Think it’s America’s responsibility to force regime change in Syria?

So let’s bomb ’em and send a few more American kids to die in the meantime.

Think it’s America’s fault that so many of the world’s poor want to live here?

So let’s bomb ’em and send a few more American kids to die in the meantime (although who to bomb is certainly up to debate).

Think it’s America’s responsibility to somehow force a peace plan in the Middle East even though they have been fighting for the same illogical reasons for thousands of years?

So let’s bomb ’em (at least indirectly) and send a few more American kids to die in the meantime.

See if you can answer this simple question: Which is worse, Hamas hiding in schools behind women and children daring Israel to bomb them, or Israel bombing them regardless of who or what they hide behind because they refuse to stop bombing Israel?

I suppose it’s not so simple.

So at this point I guarantee, no matter what America does, innocent women and children will continue to die worldwide on a daily basis, especially in the Middle East.

Certain media outlets will happily show a grieving Palestinian parent condemning Israel while others will happily show a grieving Israeli parent condemning Palestine (Gaza, Gaza Strip, whatever, you know what I mean).

Each side will claim some deity or another gives them the moral right to continue down the same path.

America will be systematically condemned by both for providing weapons over the years to the other while the entire world will condemn America for not doing enough, especially Arab countries.

So what exactly is different in the Middle East conflict this time around?

Absolutely nothing.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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