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Vail Daily letter: Nothing to fear

Don, congratulations on a thoughtful article in (Friday's) Vail Daily. I disagree with some of your points, but you make some very telling observations, e.g., both John Kerry and John McCain have demonstrated why they should not be president. Same goes for Obama. The word "feckless" is not entirely new to my vocabulary, but I had to look up its meaning: Incompetent and ineffectual. That word certainly applies to all three.

While many Obama lovers will cheer his having avoided another threat of war, he has accomplished at least one of his stated objectives of his administration. He specifically stated, in a TV interview I recall, that a major objective of his administration was to diminish the power and influence of the United States in world affairs. This objective was the subject of an op-ed piece in Monday's Wall Street Journal entitled "Obama's successful foreign failure." His entire handling of the Egyptian and Syrian crises has accomplished that goal.

Having been completely outmaneuvered by Putin in Syria, he has turned over to Russia the dominant role of influence in the Middle East. The greater tragedy of his bumbling is the United States' complete loss of credibility in world affairs. All the world's despots can now pursue their respective and/or collective goals with impunity in the confidence that they have nothing to fear from the United States.

Joe McHugh