Life Boat Earth with an Anchor

Peter Bergh is impressed with modern explanations of our own planet.

However, the very thought of calling a religious person illiterate and

ignorant is exactly the most profound showing of both of those qualities.

Religion is beyond intelligence and a belief in something higher than

self. Religion is learning how each of us has a power to help, nurture,

and lead people to a better life. It is about learning the rules of this

life to proceed to the next. This means there is life after this for

something other than our own physical being but our own soul. Yes we all

have the same thing and live in the world that is physical but we also

have an eternal being known as our soul and we also live in the spiritual

world. So the more a religious person reads the more they can verify the

existence of a higher power than our own physical presence. To be out of

touch with your own soul leads to an awful being here and after here.

There is lots of scientific evidence of natural disasters that does take

its toll on our race and previous inhabitants of this planet. One

volcanic eruption can produce more pollution than a decade of our own

doing. So get ready for ³Mother Nature will do it for us and the results

will be indiscriminate, brutal and to nobody¹s liking². As long as you

know there is a Mother Nature you already have the basics of knowing

there is a higher power taking care of Life Boat Earth. The rules to

follow for this life are written in the Bible and Book of Mormon. If you

haven¹t read them then you will not know the whole story. The basics of

the physical world are clear and now you need to work on the basics for

your own soul.

The value of your own soul is shown by your desire that we ³learn how to

get along with one another peacefully by adopting a unifying field of

knowledge-based thought and action that is becoming known as secular

humanism². The basics of a new religion that is exactly like the one you

are demeaning. The lack of the 4 letter word is the main difference.

That word is LOVE. We must learn to love one another and the poverty

will be gone and we can all look forward to a much better life here and

hereafter. The joy in this life is at hand and has always been available

to those knowing the love of a heavenly father and the belief of eternity

for us all via the love of our savior and anchor for Life Boat Earth.

Tom Henderson


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