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On July 4, The New York Times published a column by David Brooks related to the unfolding disaster in Egypt that was largely a result of the incompetent, inept and failed leadership of the recently-elected president, Mohamed Morsi.

In the article, Brooks points out that here is an example of “real world practical ineptitude that leads to the implosion of the governing apparatus” and results in a “bloated and dysfunctional superstate.” Sadly, these words could have been written to describe President Obama, Congress and our own bloated bureaucracy.

In the past two presidential election cycles, voters have sent a man to the White House to oversee the world’s only superpower and its largest economy having had virtually no experience at all running or managing anything.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. However, it is heartening to observe that a rapidly growing number of folks have begun to realize what a very poor leader Obama has proven to be. It is my hope that in 2016 voters will send to the White House a woman or a man, Republican or Democrat, who will exemplify most, if not all, of the following qualities and qualifications:

1. A person who has governed a large city and/or a populous state with distinction.

2. An individual who has run a large business or corporation successfully.

3. One who understands that without a healthy economy and near full employment, the resources required to care for those truly in need are not available.

4. A strong leader who comprehends that it is essential to bring down the level of the national debt and balance the budget every year.

5. One who supports immigration reform due to the fact that the country needs workers at all levels, from semi-skilled farm hands to highly-skilled experts in all fields.

6. An individual who has a proven track record of supporting issues and legislation of importance to women.

7. One who does not wear their beliefs on their sleeve, and who keeps religion completely out of politics.

8. One who supports equal rights, including for those whose choice of a partner may differ from their own.

9. A person whose qualifications and character for the most important job in the world can shine through the distorting veneers of the mediums of television, the internet and all social networks.

10. One who understands that we cannot afford to continue to be the world’s only policeman, and it is most unwise to become embroiled in the civil wars of other nations.

11. A visionary who comprehends that the world’s climate is changing as a result of natural and man-made causes with potentially disastrous consequences for most of humankind unless we employ our collective intellects to seek workable solutions.

12. And of greatest importance, a person, woman or man, who possesses the leadership ability and skill to be able to unite, rather than split asunder, this wonderful and incredibly diverse nation of ours.

Peter Bergh


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