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Letter: Let’s not lose this ski season, too

I keep wondering how it is that the cases in Eagle County are rising so dramatically when I read so much about how everyone is being so careful. But I had some experiences recently that help explain it. I skied in Vail on Opening Day and on Sunday, Nov. 22. Every time I was in a lift line, I had to ask the people behind me to stand back. Other than my own distancing, most of the time it was impossible to tell from the lift line that there was a pandemic going on.

That isn’t all. Earlier in the week I had to take two trips to Big O Tires in EagleVail. Both times I visited Big O there were no employees wearing masks. I asked the two people I dealt with to put masks on; the first person told me he was exempt and the second said he didn’t have one. When I left, I called the police who said they’d send over a deputy.

We are in a pandemic and it’s going to keep on raging until people use their heads. We’ve already lost the better part of a year. Let’s not lose this ski season, too.

Richard Kestenbaum



Letter: What a face covering should be

Opening Day of the 2020 Ski Season, and Vail Resorts’ Instagram post shows one of the proud skiers whose face mask doesn’t cover his nose! Couldn’t they have given these guys proper masks for the photo? Please, Vail Resorts, get real.

Good intentions won’t make a safe ski season unless you enforce proper face coverings. All of us living and working in Vail want this to work and we’re backing you up on the regulations. I expect you’ll step up enforcement of proper mask use for public safety, but please also post a correction on Instagram to show skiers what a face covering should be.

Margaret Nelson


Letter: Giving thanks for first responders

I’d like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of Eagle County’s first responders. For over 17 years I had the pleasure of working for the town of Vail Fire department and alongside some of the most talented emergency service members and groups to grace the profession. My years in Vail taught me lessons I will never forget and forged friendships I’ll cherish forever.

Though professionally I now serve on the Denver Fire Department, my heart and my family remain in the Vail Valley where we continue to admire, support and depend on the expert service of Eagle County’s first responders. Thank you for the impact you’ve had on my life and for the impact you continue to have on so many.

Ryan Sutter


Letter: A sad day for our community

So very disappointed to see the photo of the Children’s Garden of Learning sculpture being carried away making the displacement of the school so final. Reminds me of 1980 when we lost our Donovan’s Copper Bar lease and John’s first response was to remove our sign.

When government does not have appropriate priorities and fails to recognize the importance of location or understand the necessity of quality child care in every community, the entire community is diminished.

Very sad day!

Diana Donovan


Letter: 254,271 dead and counting

On Nov. 3, We The People overwhelmingly elected Joe Biden as the 46th president, by a much larger margin than President Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Yet President Trump still claims that he won!

There are 254,271 Americans dead and still counting from COVID-19. Well, if President Trump thinks he won, why is he not acting like the president? He has not interacted with the COVID-19 Task Force for months. He has his supporters denying that that there is a health risk. There has been silence on an economic stimulus by this administration and the GOP-controlled Senate.

He wants to take credit for the vaccines, (great, it is not yet available and will need to be distributed after he is no longer in the White House), yet credit is not the issue — it is the safety of the American people. And there are 254,271 dead and counting.

In the meantime, Trump has refused to allow the Biden administration access to important information regarding COVID-19, vaccine distribution, intelligence, foreign relations, the economy — the list is endless. He has also refused the necessary funds for the transition. This refusal causes significant harm to the nation’s health, economy and general well-being. And there are 254,271 dead and still counting.

Instead of acting like a president and upholding his oath to protect the American people from risks both foreign and domestic, he is playing golf and undermining our democracy. It is time for Donald Trump to act like a president or get out of the way and allow the peaceful transition of power to occur just like the 44 presidents before him. And there are 254,271 dead and still counting.

Stephen Gordon


Letter: So much for customer service

I understand, in the midst of a pandemic, Vail Resorts is in uncharted territory and is trying to make the 2020-2021 ski season work. I do not understand their lack of basic customer service at this time when there are so many questions about their new reservation system. Holders of the expensive Epic Pass deserve better. Calling their customer service number is a joke. You get a “We are experiencing high call volume. Please try your call again.” and then a hang-up. Calling the corporate office customer service number was no better. I found myself in an endless loop, literally.

If you pressed the designated number for “reservation help,“ you were looped back into the same menu you were in over and over. I tried the number for purchasing a pass thinking surely they would want to take my money. (I purchased my pass a long time ago but thought I might be lucky enough to talk to an actual person who could direct me to where I could get my question answered.)

I was on hold for over an hour, heard two “phone rings” and was promptly hung up on! I decided to try the “chat” feature on their website. I am now 1,346 in the queue to get my question answered. I will be attended to in approximately 638 minutes. Are you kidding me? You can do better than this, Vail Resorts! I hope their reservation system turns out to be better than their customer service. If not, pass holders are in for a world of disappointment this season.

Valerie Glimp