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Letter: Column mischaracterized demand management

Environmental Defense Fund is one of the world’s largest conservation organizations. Our mission is to preserve the natural systems on which all life depends. In the Colorado River Basin, our work is dedicated to helping make the Colorado River system more resilient to pressures like population growth and climate change, so it can serve the needs of people and wildlife for generations to come. In Colorado, that means working with a wide range of partners to expand flexibility in water management, encourage innovation in water management and use, and establish strong criteria and sufficient funding for water projects that support the health of communities, ecosystems and agriculture.

A recent opinion piece by Dave Marston of Writers on the Range mischaracterized “demand management,” which is not about turning water into a commodity. It’s about conserving Colorado River water in partnership with agriculture to ensure there is enough water for people and wildlife in the future and making sure water systems are resilient to climate change. It would also help prevent more buy-and-dry transactions. Demand Management is one possible tool, among many, to help the basin adapt and thrive, but it must be done right, and that’s why we’re supporting demonstration projects with agricultural and tribal partners.

We are grateful for the Walton Family Foundation’s support of our work in the Colorado River Basin. But they are just one of EDF’s many funders and partners, and neither they nor our other partners tell us what to do or how to do it. Tackling the challenges facing the Colorado River requires multiple solutions and collaboration from diverse interests, including tribes, cities and counties, farmers, business, conservation groups, the federal government and more. EDF is committed to playing our part to help advance those solutions and ensure more sustainable and collaborative water management in the West.

Kevin Moran

Senior Director, Colorado River Program

Environmental Defense Fund

Letter: Boebert is not a coward

“Silence has allowed a monster, fed by misinformation, to grow nationwide,” says Eagle County Commissioner Matt Scherr. You are correct, commissioner. Silence has done just that. And, as a supporter and constituent, one who worked extremely hard to get the newly-elected congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, to Washington, I will be silent no more. In fact, let me say we the people will be silent no more.

Stated in your letter to Congresswoman Boebert, “Your first act in that great body was to refuse the votes submitted to you by every [s]tate. That vote is ceremonial, as refusing the electoral vote is not a power grated by Congress.” Maybe before such statements are made some research should be performed.

In 2005, Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs objected to Bush’s 2004 Electoral College vote. More than half a dozen representatives from the states of Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, and the Carolinas along with Barbara Lee of California and Jim McGovern of Massachusetts objected to the certification of President Trump’s Electoral College vote in 2017. The argument used was the Black vote had been disenfranchised and Russian interference. Congress has been doing this, according to my research, since the days of Nixon.

Many of us believe the election was stolen from President Trump. That is our prerogative. And it is Congresswoman Boebert’s responsibility to represent her constituents. She is not there to project her personal beliefs although many are aligned with the people’s. Something career politicians have forgotten.

And whether you believe her act of objecting to certify the Electoral College vote was unconstitutional or not (like demanding people wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and locked up for nine months is?), we stand behind our congresswoman. Your constituents obviously stand behind you. That is the way it works. Your hypocrisy is nauseating. I, personally, find it refreshing to see first-hand my congresswoman is not a coward.

Pamela Chapman


Letter: Where is the outrage? Where is the surprise?

Thank you, Eagle County Commissioners, for standing up for truth and justice. Lauren Boebert is indeed an embarrassment to Colorado. We would not be at this level of hate and divisiveness if people would have stood up to outlandish lies, misinformation, racism and corruption these past four years.

Long past overdue to call crazy where crazy is do.

One could write volumes on why conspiracy theories are so pervasive. The short answer would be folks are fear-based, lazy, uneducated and looking for easy answers to complex problems. Did I include uneducated, misinformed and uninformed? No time to expand on this. Bottom line for me, Trump is in breach of his oath of office.

Once again, Eagle County Commissioners, thank you for stepping out of the courage-free zone and speaking to truth and accountability. Trump’s actions Jan. 6 were nothing short of illegal and treasonous.

We all, each and every one of us, have work to do in deciding what kind of world we want to leave our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Ted Seipel


Letter: Let’s not mistake what happened last Wednesday

Last week on Wednesday was an act of domestic terrorism. The thugs who broke into the Capitol are not patriots, they’re not nationalists, they do not have America’s best interest at heart. President Trump caused the insurrection that happened at the Capitol, he kept repeating spurious claims of voter and election fraud and empowered his goons to storm the capitol.

At a Georgia rally on January 4, Trump said “we’re going to take what they did to us on Nov. 3. We’re going to take it back.” This is very clear incitement for insurrection. In his speech before the riot, Trump told supporters “we’re going to walk down to the Capitol … You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.” He very clearly incited insurrection, and it’s impossible to change my mind on that.

I’m also sad to say that Rep. Lauren Boebert helped foment insurrection too.

Last Wednesday, when Trump supporters broke into the Capitol, she tweeted, “We were locked in the House Chambers.” Soon after, she tweeted, “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers.”

She was very clearly revealing Speaker Pelosi’s location to put her in danger. She intentionally revealed her whereabouts with the clear intention of putting her at risk. Section III of the 14th Amendment states that “No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress… having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress… to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

She has clearly violated the Constitution and for that, I call for her resignation. She’s dangerous, her criminal record can be found at laurensrapsheet.com, and her rhetoric is embarrassing.

Alvaro Marin Garcia


Letter: An open letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. Soon-To-Be Ex-President: You’ve made history. You are now the first president to be impeached twice. I know that for you, any publicity is good publicity, so I applaud you.

The Senate will now try you. I realize that you may believe that being the first president to be thrown out of office will help your brand. But in case you have second thoughts, I’d like to suggest a way out.

It’s simple. Issue the following press release.

“My Fellow Americans: As I take leave of the presidency, I realize that many of you are under mistaken impressions about me, about our election, and about our country. I would like to clear those up.

“1. The election in November was free and fair. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won, and they won convincingly. No election is perfect, but there is no reason to challenge the overall result. To the extent that there were irregularities, I encourage the various states to continue their efforts to improve election security. Under our system of federalism, that is where the work should be done. I encourage every Republican to issue a public statement affirming that the election was free and fair. I deeply regret the many times I claimed the election was rigged or stolen. I was wrong. I apologize.

“2. I deplore what happened on Jan. 6. All those who broke into the Capitol building should be held accountable as should those who aided them. I regret anything that I said or did that encouraged anyone to think that assault on the symbol of our democracy was acceptable. I am deeply sorry for my actions and I will go to my grave with the death of Officer Brian Sicknick on my conscience.

“3. QAnon is a hoax, pure and simple. Any of you who believe in its tenets have been duped.

“4. The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate. I hope never to see it again.

“5. I will do whatever I can to assist President-Elect Biden in his efforts. Although he and I may disagree about policy, I know that he will do what he believes is in the best interests of this nation. I wish him great success.”

And once you have sent out the press release, go home, wherever that might be. And beg forgiveness from your creator.

James Harrison


Letter: Proud of Lauren Boebert

The aggressive personal assaults on Rep. Lauren Boebert by local bureaucrats is nothing shy of shameful hypocritical rhetoric. It is not the role of Eagle County Commissioners to slander and condemn Boebert for protecting voting integrity and standing firm in her belief against fraudulent activities. The role of elected servants is to protect people from the government.

Lauren Boebert understands this basic principle which eludes the county commissioners. Boebert appears to be doing exactly what she was elected to do, and to say the contrary is reprehensible. She is unwilling to blindly ignore the corruption and tyranny that is rampant in Washington D.C. I am proud of Rep.Boebert for her strong conviction and remaining honorable by her refusal to be bullied into compliance with the popular narrative.

Adrienne Perer


Letter: Thank you, commissioners

I wrote with my appreciation of Eagle County Commissioners Chandler-Henry, McQueeney, and Scherr for their open letter to Rep. Lauren Boebert. The letter was focused, fair, and clear.

Many of us have watched in dismay as our new congressional representative has acted irresponsibly, against the interests of the people of Colorado, and in conflict with her oath of office. I wasn’t sure what could or should be done, but this letter is a good start.

It’s a trying time, but actions must have consequences. Mrs. Boebert has a steep learning curve ahead and needs to understand the responsibility she has voluntarily taken on, and the accountability and maturity required to do her job.

Thanks to our commissioners for capably doing your job on behalf of the citizens of Eagle County.

Roseann Casey


Letter: Expel Boebert from Congress

The PBS News Hour on Jan. 11 describes our Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s tweet when our Capitol was under siege last Wednesday: “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers” she tweeted. Advice to the violent mob from someone on the inside?

Last year Boebert pledged to fire Nancy Pelosi just as soon as she got to Washington. She condemned former Congressman Tipton (also a Republican) for having served on Congressional committees alongside evil Democrats when he was in Congress. (She didn’t know that House committees are always bipartisan). Boebert promoted conspiracy theories ala QAnon. Last June she posed for a photo with armed men and tweeted “I am the militia.”

Boebert is not just an embarrassment to us, her constituents. She is dangerous. Days after last Wednesday’s siege at the Capitol, she remains steadfastly loyal to Donald Trump instead of to the Constitution she took an oath to defend. Lauren Boebert needs to be expelled from Congress.

Liz Gauthier


Letter: Spare me your regrets, Butch

Regarding Butch Mazzuca’s last column: “Boy, was I wrong”

Mr. Mazzuca, your shallow and transparent mea culpa rings as hollow as the cavernous space between the ears of Trump’s acolytes. A space that has been incessantly filled with pernicious theories and mendacious vitriol, from the mouths of your president, his sycophants and his media cheerleaders.

From the day he descended the escalator to announce his candidacy, you and I saw two very different things.

As a conservative, with very legitimate and viable concerns about taxes, regulation, foreign policy, the military and more, you saw in him a chance to realize and forge changes in these policies through his candidacy. This is what policy choices are about and achieving those through the voting franchise is part of the foundation upon which our republic is built. nd, had he led and governed for all the people, he would still be president today.

I, however, saw a known con man and grifter with a long track record of cheating and swindling, who had already been pushing conspiracies to sow division and doubt. It was obvious to many, with his first declaration about Mexican immigrants being “drug dealers and rapists,” that the trajectory of his presidency would ultimately bring us to this moment. This was a man who readily fulfilled the prophecy of wreckage and chaos so many saw.

Now, I can’t blame you for being conned by him. He’s not very smart, but when it comes to the grift, the man is an evil genius. Just ask the millions supporters that would still, today, follow him off the nearest cliff (oh wait … many just did).

But, if you made the conscious and Machiavellian choice to realize your agenda at the expense of decency, dignity, honesty and humanity as well as the undermining of our democratic institutions, then please, spare me your regrets over this belated epiphany.

Four years of bullying, lying, cruelty and family separations. Four years of filling his cabinet and our agencies with venal and corrupt cronies, shutting down the government and cleaving our country in two by preaching distrust, hatred and violence. Four years of framing the press as enemies of the people, pandering to strongmen and white supremacists, and those who would do his bidding. Four years of the wanton denigration and destruction of the careers of dedicated public servants that didn’t kowtow to him or his storyline. All, not to serve, but to maintain power.

You cite the “chaos” of Nancy Pelosi ripping up some paper in public? You invoke the “whataboutism” of the summer protests and the, also unforgivable, destruction of property? What other shiny objects would you have to pivot and distract? Oh yes, Hillary is a crook, Joe is infirm and Kamala will actively contribute to governing. Surely that’s plenty reason to look the other way and vote again for more of the same incompetence and evil.

For the sake of reelection he ignored a pandemic, and encouraged his acolytes to dismiss it and to stand against the tyranny of the facemask. This may have resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. But that’s OK, Butch, because you got your tax breaks and a pissing contest with China. That makes it all worthwhile. Thanks, again, for your heartfelt admission of gullibility and regret.

Howard Leavitt


Letter: A Women’s March thank you

Last year in January, when I organized and led the Women’s March in Vail, I stated that I hoped I wouldn’t have to do it again in 2021. Here we are now in 2021 with a new administration that will be sworn in on Jan. 20. I couldn’t be more relieved that we are not facing four more years of chaos and that I don’t have to organize another march.

I want to thank all of you who participated in or supported the Women’s March for the past four years and all of you who voted for a change in the administration. As so painfully demonstrated by the recent insurrection at our Capitol, there remains much to be done going forward. For this year’s non-event, however, let us all just take a deep breath and be thankful to see our government, if not our entire country, returned to sanity again.

I hope that you will bring that same energy and commitment to our continuing struggle to protect women’s rights, to bring gun sense to our country, to help women who have suffered disproportionately during the COVID lockdowns, and to protect our environment, our Constitution and the rule of law that we cherish.

Barbara Ruh