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Open for Business: Gypsum Recreation Center

Name of business: Mountain Recreation, Gypsum Recreation Center

Physical address: 52 Lundgren Blvd., Gypsum, CO 81637

Phone number: 970-777-8888

Email: info@mountainrec.org

Website: MountainRec.org

What goods or services are you offering at this time? 

The Gypsum Recreation Center is now open for various fitness classes and one-hour fitness floor sessions under strict social distancing protocols. Facemasks and reservations are required to enter the facility. Reservations can be made up to two days in advance on our website. Visits to the Gypsum Rec Center will be provided free of charge until June 1 for everyone in our community. We’ll be open with adjusted hours to ensure that we keep to the mandated number of people and so that our staff can clean, disinfect and sanitize the facility and all its common spaces, equipment, structures and fixtures. Visitors must be at least 13 years old and kids ages 13 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

How have you adjusted to serve your customers during these unprecedented times?

Our current hours are Mondays through Fridays from 5 a.m. until 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. Saturdays we are open from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. Our staff deep cleans and sanitizes Mondays through Fridays at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 1 p.m. We also have round-the-clock spot cleaning and sanitizing.

How can the community support you?

We ask that the community remember to make reservations before visiting, stay in the section you choose when registering, wear a face mask and wash your hands frequently. We will be conducting a verbal COVID-19 symptoms check for every person before entering the facility, and we ask that you stay home if you are feeling any COVID-19 symptoms. If able, the community can help support Mountain Recreation by continuing their annual or monthly membership to the Gypsum Rec Center.

What’s the best source to keep up to date with your offerings?

The best source to keep up to date is by signing up for our email alerts at mountainrec.org. The community can also follow our bilingual Mountain Recreation Facebook page for the latest information.

What’s the response been?

We have had a great response from the community so far as to the level of commitment to safety and health our Gypsum Rec Center has established during this reopening. The first day we reopened, we saw about 120 people throughout the day. The next day, we had about 160 across our fitness floor and fitness classes, while maintaining mandated group sizes of 10 or less. We look forward to offering more fitness opportunities to our community as Eagle County Public Health orders allow.

What are your plans going forward as the “new normal” evolves?

Moving forward, our new normal will heavily rely on our community’s support around social distancing protocols. As we move through Eagle County Public Health’s Transition Trail Map, we will be able to offer more services and open up amenities that shift from individual activities to controlled group activities. We are aiming to open up our summer camps and programming starting June 1, however, the new normal will require ourselves and our members to be cognizant of a 6-foot social distancing requirement, wear masks and wash their hands frequently.  

Open for Business: Jointworx Physical Therapy

Name of business: Jointworx Physical Therapy

Physical address: 50 Buck Creek Plaza Ste. 210 Avon, CO 81620 and 1140 Edwards Village Blvd. B 208 Edwards, CO 81632

Phone number: Avon – 970-470-4023 or Edwards – 970-569-3883

Email: office@jointworx.com

Website: www.jointworx.com

What goods or services are you offering at this time? 

Jointworx Physical Therapy is currently open in both locations from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday for physical therapy and Pilates rehab. Massage therapy services are not available at this time.

How have you adjusted to serve your customers during these unprecedented times?

We are currently only seeing “well” patients and we are requiring all patients and staff to wear masks. We are scheduling patients to prevent overcrowding and overlapping appointments in each clinic. All equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each patient, and everyone entering the facilities must use hand sanitizer. Thermometers are even available to use if fever is suspected.

How can the community support you?

The community can support us by scheduling appointments when they need PT by calling Avon at 970-470-4023 or Edwards at 970-569-3883. Purchasing gift certificates for massage (once it’s available according to CO DORA) is another way to support us. 

What’s the best source to keep up to date with your offerings?

Our Facebook page and our website have updated information about our current offerings, but we now have our awesome office managers, Pamela and Jennifer, back in both offices to answer the phones or any questions people may have.

What’s the response been?

Overwhelmingly, patients have been thankful for being able to be seen for physical therapy. Some of our older or at-risk populations have chosen and been advised not to come in. Although it takes more effort to do everything with wearing masks, the extra washing, etc., employees have largely been happy to return to their jobs.

What are your plans going forward as the “new normal” evolves?

We plan to continue to add additional staff and hours to accommodate our patients. And will add massage therapy services back in as allowed.

Open for Business: Peak Performance Footwear

Name of business: Peak Performance Footwear

Physical address: 137 Main Street C 103 W, Edwards, CO

Phone number: 970-835-0340

Website: www.ppfrun.com

What goods or services are you offering at this time? 

We opened the store on May 1 and we are limiting in-store traffic.

How have you adjusted to serve your customers during these unprecedented times?

We have adjusted by offering free in-valley delivery and curbside pickup.

How can the community support you?

The community can support us by shopping in-store or online.

What’s the best source to keep up to date with your offerings?

Our Facebook page is the best way to keep up to date with Peak Performance.

What’s the response been?

We have an amazing community and have received excellent support.

What are your plans going forward as the “new normal” evolves?

We will see where the dust settles. In the meantime, we will be limiting in-store traffic, employees will be wearing masks, sanitizing frequently, offering private shopping and limiting contact. 

Open for Business: Well & Being Spa at Vail Marriott Mountain Resort

Name of business: Well & Being Spa at Vail Marriott Mountain Resort

Physical address: 715 W. Lio​nshead Circle, Vail, CO 81657

Phone number: 970-479-5004

Email: reservations@wbvail.com

Website: www.wbvail.com

What goods or services are you offering at this time? 

We are selling e-gift cards and have a limited time offer: Purchase an e-gift card for a 50-minute service and receive an instant upgrade to an 80-minute and a complimentary spa gift upon arrival when we open back up. Get something for mom for Mother’s Day and the e-gift card will be sent right to her inbox.  

How can the community support you?

Purchasing e-gift cards for a future spa appointment once the spa reopens. e-gift cards can be purchased here. (https://vmmr1657.na.book4time.com/spagift/)

What’s the best source to keep up to date with your offerings?


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellandbeingvail

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wellandbeingvail/

What are your plans going forward as the “new normal” evolves?

Our spa will be taking an enhanced approach to safety and wellness to ensure every employee and guest feels safe. Stay tuned to our social media channels and www.wbvail.com for the full list of action items our team will be making.

Open for Business: The Salon at Spa Anjali

Name of business: Salon at Spa Anjali

Physical address: 126 Riverfront Lane Avon, CO 81620

Phone number: 970-790-3020

Email: info@spaanjali.com

Website: www.spaanjali.com    

What goods or services are you offering at this time? 

Located inside The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa, the Salon at Spa Anjali is now open and offering haircuts, color treatments and highlights. Manicures and pedicures will be available starting the week of May 11.

How have you adjusted to serve your customers during these unprecedented times? 

The Salon at Spa Anjali has implemented several new precautions for the safety of our staff and clients. Both stylists and clients are required to wear masks. The mask must loop behind the ears and not behind the head. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. We will have fresh capes and linens for each guest and each station will be disinfected between clients. There will be no more than two stylists and three clients in the salon at once and we ask that you arrive solo to your appointment. Please be advised there will not be a blow-dry included with your service at this time.

How can the community support you?

Spa Anjali is currently offering a gift certificate sale, good for both salon and spa treatments once Spa Anjali reopens. Buy a $125 gift certificate for just $100 or a $200 gift certificate for $175 by visiting this website: https://shop.spaanjali.com/vouchers/category/

What’s the best source to keep up to date with your offerings?

Our website: www.spaanjali.com

What’s the response been?

Our stylists are excited to get back to work and to reconnect with their clients.

What are your plans going forward as the “new normal” evolves? 

We look forward to safely welcoming clients both old and new. A fresh haircut or color treatment can make anyone feel a little bit better right now!

Open for Business: The Athletic Club at The Westin Riverfront

Name of Business: The Athletic Club at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa             

Physical Address: 126 Riverfront Lane, Avon

Phone Number: 970-790-2052

Email: club@athleticclubwestin.com

Website: athleticclubwestin.com

What goods or services are you offering at this time? 

The Athletic Club at The Westin is reopening to members Friday. Daily operations will be from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Athletic Club at The Westin is a state-of-the-art fitness center offering extensive cardio and weightlifting equipment plus more than 60 group exercise classes weekly, including yoga, Pilates, cycling and movement. All-inclusive memberships and daily drop-in rates are available.

How have you adjusted to serve your customers during these unprecedented times? 

We launched a new virtual gym during Colorado’s stay-at-home order, and we will continue to offer our on-demand library of virtual fitness classes to our members.

What’s the best source to keep up to date with your offerings?

Our website, athleticclubwestin.com.

What’s the response been?

Many of our members have been enjoying our virtual classes, and we are thrilled to welcome everyone back into the Athletic Club in a safe manner because we understand that exercise is extremely important for physical and mental wellbeing.

What are your plans going forward as the “new normal” evolves? 

The health and safety of our members and associates is our top priority, and we are following the advice and guidelines of Eagle County, the Centers for Disease Control and Marriott International. To help prevent the spread of the virus, the Athletic Club is requiring all associates to wear masks, adding new gym wipe stations throughout the facility, increasing the housekeeping presence and using hospital-grade cleaning agents and electrostatic spraying.

To follow social distancing guidelines, the Athletic Club has staged all weight and cardio equipment to be at least 6 feet apart and will be limiting gym usage and fitness class sizes. The hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas and pools will remain closed in accordance with Eagle County regulations.

Tips for adjusting sleeping patterns while at home more

The phrase “you can sleep when you’re dead” is mortally unwise advice.

The importance of sleep is a misunderstood science. Many people believe that they can “will” their way out of lack of sleep. Lack of sleep has been shown in a number of studies to affect cognition, our ability to think, motor function and coordination as well as our moods by increasing anger and depression.

If you’ve always wanted to tend to your sleep patterns, now’s your chance. With the majority of the public staying at home due to the coronavirus spread, we’ve all got a little more time on our hands. Calculate how long it takes to shower, get ready and commute back and forth to work, shuttle the kids around to their school sports or extracurricular activities — you’ve got that extra time to sleep. Your schedule isn’t packed with committee meetings, dinners or happy hours right now either, so free time is abundant. Take this opportunity to learn the importance of sleep and practice it.

Dr. Jonathan Feeney, who specializes in family medicine at Vail Health, shares his expertise and some tips on the topic of sleep.

“There is a fair degree of variation between how much sleep people need. As a general principle, adults should get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night,” Feeney said. 

When we sleep, we allow our brain and body to rest. Lack of sleep promotes inflammatory markers, which can affect heart diseases such as heart attacks, atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure. It can also lead to increased risk for cancers, affect our immune system’s ability to fight off infections such as the common cold as well as affect hormones that are involved in obesity and diabetes. It also affects the speed at which our brains function.

Many people think they will be more productive if they are awake longer so they can do more during the day.

“People who feel that they are too busy to sleep actually have a well-documented decrease in performance in their jobs,” Feeney said.

“Studies have shown that in fatal truck driver accidents, 50% of the drivers were sleep-deprived. Studies on medical interns showed sleep-deprived doctors made more mistakes. Issues are generally associated with less than six hours of sleep,” Feeney said.

Can we ever “catch up” on sleep?

“An individual never recovers the sleep lost but the adverse effects resolve when an individual becomes rested and returns to a normal sleep pattern,” Feeney said. 

Good sleep patterns don’t just happen overnight.

“Proper sleep hygiene involves going to bed and waking up at a set time, sleeping in a cool, dark room, avoiding alcohol and using the bedroom for sleep, not as an entertainment center. A TV should not be in the bedroom,” Feeney said.

Feeney states that there are a number of medical conditions that do affect sleep that should be addressed. These conditions include snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, bladder issues, reflux, obesity and musculoskeletal issues.

“You can do a simple at-home test where you wear a probe on your finger to see where your oxygen level is at overnight. Then you can follow that up with a formal sleep study that helps you figure out what you need to be at an appropriate oxygen level, whatever altitude you’re sleeping at,” Feeney said.

Go ahead, turn the alarm clock off, let yourself sleep longer than you normally would and discover how it feels to be well-rested during this unusual time at home.  

Local yoga, cardio, barre, spin classes all online: Tricia’s weekend picks 3/20/2020

Earlier this week, the weather was nice enough to get outside and walk, run, hike and bike but it is still winter outside and the colder temperatures and precipitation will come and go. Don’t let the weather deter you from keeping a fitness routine going during the coronavirus crisis. To help you stay active, local gyms and fitness centers are helping you take the workouts home. Here’s a look at what area gyms are doing:

Revolution Power Yoga – Avon


“We’re all in this together!” said Julie Kiddoo, owner of Revolution Power Yoga in Avon. “Offering online classes is a great opportunity to stay in the work, practice alongside your global yoga community and experience the power of comm-UNITY and connection.”


Right now, we are offering daily one-hour Power classes. This is an energizing, challenging and powerful class based on Baptiste Yoga’s ‘Journey Into Power’ sequence and suitable for all levels that will leave you feeling rinsed and revitalized. Expect to move, sweat and be transformed!

Right now through March 22 classes are free and open to everyone via Zoom. We will be re-evaluating this the week of March 23. Stay connected daily on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as class times and teachers will change every day.

Take Away:

“At Revolution Power Yoga, our purpose is to elevate, transform, and empower the community to live in possibility, connection, and discovery.” Kiddoo said. “We will come out of this stronger together.”

PeloDog Studio – Avon


“The main reason we did this is simple, we wanted to offer a free, easy and effective way to keep people moving and fit in the comfort of their own home,” said Jen Kaplan, owner of PeloDog Studio in Avon. “The community at my studio is so important to me and I wanted to offer some, albeit small, means to stay connected to each other and the studio.”


I am certified in a variety of fitness modalities and will be offering a variety of classes including Pilates, sculpt, core & roll, equipment-free cardio, and rides for those who do have in-home bikes. My goal is to offer variety, to keep things simple and safe, and to make workouts accessible to all levels.

All of my sessions, except for rides, will either require no props, or I will offer creative substitutes for gym equipment. For example, instead of using dumbbells for sculpt class, you can use water bottles or soup cans. 

Classes are free right now on www.vimeo.com/pelodog and you do not need to be a member to participate. All updates will be on the PeloDog’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Take Away:

“Working out is one of the best ways to relieve stress and produce positive endorphins,” Kaplan said. “Simple workouts will do wonders to maintain physical and mental strength during this unprecedented and strange time.”

Dogma Athletica – Edwards


“Humans are designed to move. It relieves stress, bolsters the immune system, and calms the mind. We are inundated with information that will create anxiety,” said Rod Connolly, owner of Dogma Athletica in Edwards. “Moving also gets your creative juices flowing so you can think outside of the box to move forward during this uncertain time.”


We are offering Live it Lean which is metabolic conditioning, Live It Strong for functional strength and Live It Loose for active mobility. Using mindfulness, high-intensity movement and decompression to put yourself in the best place physically, mentally and emotionally.

We have both paid and complimentary offerings. You do not need to be a member but to get set up for the paid classes email Dogma Athletica general manager Jessica Moser at jessicadogma@gmail.com. To access our free “Twenty Minutes to a Better Day” class, follow Dogma Athletica on Facebook and Instagram.

Take Away:

“Look for opportunity in change. Utilize this as an impetus to practice healthy habits and self-care you may have been putting off. Get clear on what’s most important to you and focus your energies,” Connolly said. “Notice what you have in your life, not what feels missing.”

Barre Forte Vail Valley – Edwards


“Community is so important. We are in this together and by supporting us, we can support you,” said Jessica Denton, co-owner of Barre Forte in Edwards with Beth Robinson. “Fitness isn’t just about burning calories it’s about having a strong mind and body.”


We’ll be offering Barre Express, a 45-minute barre class, Sculpt class, which is a low impact total-body workout, Oula, which is a fun dance fitness class, Sculpt Yoga and Pilates Barre. We’re lucky to be able to stream classes that provide almost the same experience as a studio experience.

All current Barre Forte Vail Valley members have access. New clients will be able to purchase a drop-in, 8-class pack, or unlimited streaming. Our full schedule is on the Mindbody app or follow us on Instagram @barrefortevailvalley.

Take Away:

“Staying active and healthy is important all the time, but especially right now. The amazing thing about Barre workouts is that it truly changes your body, by using “almost” only your body.” Denton said. “Movement is really important. We all need movement mentally and emotionally.”

Endorphin – Eagle Ranch


Endorphin’s mission is to deliver the best experience by the best instructors to the happiest community. “We are all about providing movement experiences and making people feel welcomed and supported,” said Corina Lindley, owner of Endorphin in Eagle Ranch. “During this COVID-19 timeframe, we want to keep that feeling going virtually by providing online classes.”


We will be offering up to three classes a day, free of charge to anyone. If you are already a member or want to join with our introductory rate you can do that. But, if you are experiencing a financial crisis due to COVID-19, we still want you to participate and we want to support you.

As for classes, we’ll have HIIT, Barre, Yoga, Metabolic Conditioning and other group classes where little or no weights or other equipment is necessary. Access classes through Zoom once you create an account at www.myendorphin.com.

We have also allowed our members to take two to three pieces of equipment to their home, including stationary bikes, to use to stay active in addition to going outside.

Take Away:

“The energy and endorphins you get from working out will help sustain you and keep your stress levels down to keep you well. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force recommends at least 30 minutes a day of exercise for adults and to 60 minutes a day for kids,” Lindley said. “If you are creative, you can still get your exercise in during these trying times.”

These are just a few gyms in the area that are providing online access to workouts. Check with your favorite gym to see if they are offering anything online at this time.

Starting Hearts aims to save 100,000 lives per year by 2040

Did you know that 1,000 Americans suffer from cardiac arrest every day and only 10% survive? Cardiac arrest is our nation’s leading cause of unexpected death but Starting Hearts is aiming to save 100,000 lives per year by 2040 and they are asking the public to help by joining the Save More Lives Challenge.

Starting Hearts is an Eagle County-based nonprofit that was started by Lynn Blake, who, at 27 years old, survived sudden cardiac arrest. She took that life-changing event and created Starting Hearts in 2010. Starting Hearts provides lifesaving programs such as free CPR and automated external defibrillator (DEFIB) education, widespread distribution of defibrillators, community involvement and more. Look around Eagle County and you’ll notice quite a few DEFIB devices in public locations due to the hard work done thus far by Starting Hearts.

Starting Hearts is teaming up with Susan Ford Bales, the daughter of President Gerald and Betty Ford. in 2010, Bales survived sudden cardiac arrest while working out at the gym. A doctor happened to also be at the gym that day and performed CPR and used a DEFIB device on Bales and saved her life. Bales is now an ambassador for Starting Hearts and is leading the charge for the Save More Lives Challenge.

Those looking to join the Save More Lives Challenge can help by:

1. Watching Susan’s story of survival and the two-minute CALL. PUSH. SHOCK.™ training video at www.savemorelives.org
2. Practicing CPR with a household item (i.e. ball, pillow, plastic bottle, etc.) and share photos/videos using hashtag #savemorelives
3. Signing the Save More Lives Challenge petition to encourage the tracking of SCA in the U.S.
4. Donating by texting CPR to 50155 or visiting www.savemorelives.org
5. Being a Save More Lives Challenge Ambassador by asking family, friends, and networks to join the campaign

All funds raised from the Save More Lives Challenge will go towards implementing additional programs that help collect sudden cardiac arrest data nationally to advance research studies as well as establishing even more effective CPR and defibrillation strategies. For more information on Starting Hearts, visit www.startinghearts.org. To get involved with the Save More Lives Challenge, visit www.savemorelives.org. To join the conversation on social media, follow @StartingHearts on Instagram and Facebook.

Meet the team at Elevated Dental in Vail

Going to the dentist may not be the most pleasurable experience, but the team at Elevated Dental in West Vail aims to provide excellent dental care in a relaxed and friendly environment so that you can keep your smile looking good.

“A lot of people are very fearful and nervous when it comes to the dentist,” said Justin Moses, DMD, and owner of Elevated Dental. “Our team does a wonderful job helping that person relax and leave feeling great.”

Originally from Pennsylvania, Moses is a third generation dentist who completed dental school at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and did an advanced training residency at the University of Colorado. 

“With extensive training in advanced dental procedures such as implants, wisdom teeth and cosmetic dentistry, we try to keep things simple for our patients and treat them at our office without them having to drive to another office for services,” Moses said.

The Elevated Dental name may be new, but the practice isn’t. Shortly after moving to the Vail area in 2015, Moses crossed paths with Dr. Paul Corcoran, who has been a dentist in the area for over 35 years. Corcoran and his wife Jean have provided excellent care to many valley locals through their dental practice.

“I met Dr. Corcoran through my soon-to-be brother-in-law, Andy Larson, and we worked out the best path for the future of the practice,” Moses said. Following in the Corcoran’s footsteps, it will be a husband and wife team at Elevated Dental. Moses will wed Maddy Larson, who takes care of the business side of the office, later this month.

Elevated Dental also wants to take care of your financial worries by focusing on preventative care and early diagnosis. “Thousands of dollars and hours of appointment time can be saved by diagnosing a cavity in the early stages,” Moses said. 

They also offer the Elevated Care Plan, which helps if you don’t have insurance or have poor coverage.

“No need to worry about the extra cost of x-rays, we just package your x-rays, cleanings and check-ups together for just $300 a year and you can add additional family members for $250,” Larson said. “If you are a member of the Vail Valley Partnership, we offer the Elevated Care Plan for $250.”

“I love seeing the transformation that our patients go through when they come to our office. I love helping patients who are a part of our community and visitors who made need our services while on their trip. Nobody wants a vacation ruined because of a toothache,” Moses said. 

To learn more about Elevated Dental’s services and care plans, call 970-476-3991 or visit www.elevateddentalvail.com.