Album Review: Head for the Hills’ latest EP proves ambition |

Album Review: Head for the Hills’ latest EP proves ambition

Country group fro Fort Collins stretches muscles often un-stretched

Head for the Hills
Special to the Daily

Head for the Hills, a Fort Collins-based country band is due to release “Say Your Mind,” an EP to follow the band’s other five albums (including “Head for the Hills” and “Live”). The EP is available on iTunes and streaming platforms. It can be downloaded now for $3.99.

The first of the four songs on the EP is the title track, a song on the bluegrass side of country, guitar and violin are highlighted to make a strong instrumental behind uniquely indie-like vocals.

The second track, “Darkness Meets The Day” was released as the sole single from the EP. It puts the band firmly in the country category, with a slightly grittier and deeper sound. Additionally, the lyrics on this track offer the most poetic on the release, drawing metaphors into the literal — a feat many contemporary country artists struggle to do.

“I Am The Problem” offers a somber song that is reminiscent of some of country’s most popular modern bands like Little Big Town and Lady Antebellum. What’s most interesting here, however, is a rap monologue that runs in the second half of the song. Strangely enough, the verse sounds like a slower version of what Eminem would produce — an odd choice for a country song, and whether or not it was the best fit, it makes the song a standout not only on the EP but in country music in general.

The final song, “ Can’t Stay This Way For Long,” sounds like a cover of a James Taylor song. Not only do the vocals sound like they could be Taylor himself, but the lyrics and the combination of soft Americana and jazzy coffeehouse rock offer a modernized version of the singer-songwriter’s sound.

The EP proves that Head for the Hills is truly ambitious, crossing barriers that artists in the mainstream rarely seem to do.

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