Alcohol takeout, delivery will continue in Colorado for another year |

Alcohol takeout, delivery will continue in Colorado for another year

Josie Sexton, Denver Post

While it wasn’t the two-year extension some were hoping for, a new law passed Monday in the Colorado legislature allows bars and restaurants to continue selling alcohol to-go for another year at least.

The law will take effect as soon as Gov. Jared Polis’ executive order with the same effect expires (that date is still unknown). Liquor takeout and delivery will continue then through July 2021, when the legislature will have to decide again on the future of alcohol to-go.

“This bill provides critical relief for an industry that has been uniquely hard-hit by COVID-19,” Colorado Restaurant Association CEO and president Sonia Riggs said in a release. “For some it will literally be the difference between surviving and closing.”

According to the Association, 87% of Colorado restaurants have reported making revenue from alcohol to-go sales, with 20% reporting “significant” revenue made from those sales.

“It’s very very important for it to be an option to sustain businesses for the next year,” said Angela Neri, who owns the downtown Denver bar Pony Up. Neri said her business was able to survive the shutdown just barely by selling to-go alcohol.

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