All The Good Stuff supports sustainability through farmers' market delivery service in Vail |

All The Good Stuff supports sustainability through farmers’ market delivery service

Samantha Miller hopes to go back to school for business and photography courses soon to help build a stronger business.
Casey Russell |

Samantha Miller wheels her wagon through the Minturn Market saying “excuse me” and “behind you.” She wears an All The Good Stuff logo tee and lifts cardboard boxes full of produce from Austin Family Farm into the wagon. Then she makes the same route back through the market and lifts the boxes into her boyfriend’s truck. 

“The bigger boxes are 20 pounds,” she said. “It’s a workout.”

Miller started All The Good Stuff last summer to help promote what she’s passionate about: supporting local farmers and promoting sustainability. All The Good Stuff is an online farmers market delivery service, a localized version of Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, but with local produce and local artisanal products. Miller sources most of her produce from farmers who sell at the Minturn Market — she physically goes there and spends her Saturday loading up, bundling orders and making deliveries. She runs the business during the day and holds down a full-time job at night at Main St. Grill in Edwards while she waits to take her venture full time.

“I can’t wait to hire people,” she said.

Miller and her boyfriend, Nick, go to the Minturn Market all summer to collect food for customers. They then spend the rest of the day boxing up orders and making deliveries.
Casey Russell |

While Miller’s business is that — a business that helps her do what she loves and makes her money while building a model for ethical consumerism — practicing sustainability is a top priority. She first learned about sustainable agriculture while working a honey booth at the Minturn Market. 

“That summer, I was also working at Cordillera as a server and all my coworkers started asking me to bring them cherries (and) peaches,” Miller said. “I realized that it wasn’t just my coworkers who couldn’t make it to the market.”

She launched the All The Good Stuff website in June 2018 and quickly started promoting it to people who couldn’t physically get to the market. Customers shop online for what they want and Miller sources it, boxes it up and delivers it.

Over the course of the year she’s been in business, she’s multiplied the number of vendors she hosts by a factor of six: she started with five, now she’s at 30. She’s hoping to get more vendors on a year-round cycle. Obviously sourcing local, in-season produce can’t happen in the middle of January, but for those who make things like pickles, hot sauce, salsa and bath products, she hopes to help them stick around through the colder season. 

One of the perks of Miller’s system is buying things that normally don’t even hit the shelves of grocery stores. For example, she carries Cajun Mountain Girl Creations, a line of Cajun-inspired pickled vegetables from Nederland.

The produce Miller sources all comes from in-state farms, promoting both sustainability and ethical consumerism, the two main pillars All The Good Stuff was founded upon.
Casey Russell |

Many people like to shop at farmers markets because the farmers who sell goods there usually are local and, at the very least, in-state. Not only do they support local production, but it also builds sustainability by cutting out the large transportation energy cost commercial farmers must use to ship food to nationwide grocery stores. It also builds on the idea of ethical consumerism: using your dollar to show what political issues matter and sending dollars back into the local economy and to organizations whose business practices you can get behind.

“If you give someone two peaches, one from the grocery store and one from the farmers market, you can taste the difference,” she said. “As a consumer, you have a lot of power on what stores are going to carry. Vote with your dollar. Vote with your wallet. Put that money towards something that you believe in.”

To find out more about All The Good Stuff or to sign up for delivery, visit

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