Alpine Arts Center offers more than just painting |

Alpine Arts Center offers more than just painting

Many mediums used to spur creativity for all ages at Edwards studio

Droplets of teal, magenta, black and white paint have been arranged to create this beautiful pattern that will dye a silk scarf. Silk scarf marbling classes are one of the newest offerings at the Alpine Arts Center at the Riverwalk in Edwards.
Barry Eckhaus | Special to the Daily

When you think of Alpine Arts Center, you may think about the guided painting classes and endless kids’ activities, but there is more to this studio than just painting.

Lauren Merrill, Alpine Arts Center’s owner and creative force behind this bustling studio in the Riverwalk in Edwards, is always trying to come up with new ideas and offerings and ways for the public to get creative.

“We are constantly searching for a new twist on each class we offer. This keeps our programs exciting for aspiring artists of all ages, and it allows our teachers to continually improve upon each of our offerings.”

Beyond the popular “Cocktails and Canvas” classes, Alpine Arts Center also teaches classes on clay, drawing, printmaking, fabric art, jewelry, glass art, string art and more.

We were at the studio during the silk scarf marbling class. Here, a shallow trough is filled with water and a solution. The trough is about 6 feet long to fit the scarf. Participants choose the colors they want to use to create their own one-of-a-kind design. The oil-based paint practically floats in the water and designs are created by a board that has evenly-spaced nails in it. The board is slid through the water in various directions and the nails drag the colors of paint to create a unique look, similar to how a barista forms designs in the foam of your cappuccino.

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“Silk marbling is one of our newer activities and a favorite among our students. It produces beautiful results and it’s a magical process to experience, both for the artist and for spectators alike.”

If you have non-skiers and snowboarders in your group who are looking for something to do to fill their time – or to just give the legs a rest – the Alpine Arts Center is wonderful for all ages.

“We love to offer different art activities that appeal to many different age groups and abilities,” Merrill said. “Even if you don’t think you are creative, our team can walk you through the process and sometimes people are amazed at what they can create.” View the full schedule of events at and don’t forget, kids’ schools out programs will be held for local kids during the mid-winter break in a few weeks, so sign up early to get enrolled.

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