Artist Bibiana Domit completes live mural painting at Hygge Life café in EagleVail |

Artist Bibiana Domit to complete live mural painting at Hygge Life café in EagleVail

Artist Bibiana Domit sat in the lobby of The Sebastian hotel with a cup of hot chocolate. She’s still in her sleek Spyder ski gear and is waiting to pick up her son from ski school. She explained her art as breaking free of what she calls the “human drama.”

“In life I have learned that the head, your mind, is either your best friend or your best enemy,” she said. “You have to detach from that, and see that you are pure life, living in a human drama. My art reflects this higher state of consciousness, so when people see my art, they feel happy, inspired, peaceful, relaxed. The human life is a drama: everybody is in the same drama. You can choose to become part of that or ignore it.”

Domit will grace the Vail Valley with her art by painting a mural at the Hygge Life’s café space. She will paint live in front of coffee drinkers and home goods shoppers on a canvas which will remain on display through the winter season – it will then go on sale to the public.

Murals are a specialty for Domit. Most recently, she completed a live mural at the Venice Biennale in Italy – in the art fair circuit, the every-two-years festival is one of the oldest (dating back to 1895) and is considered top-tier for discovering both established and emerging artists. Domit’s work is all over the streets of Miami, where she now lives when her art career isn’t bringing her to far-off destinations including Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Morocco.

“I don’t plan anything,” she said. “It just happens. When you are a positive force to the world, the world puts you out there. But I love what I do.”

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And that’s how she even started painting murals to begin with. She said that one day, she was sitting in her apartment and realized she absolutely had to paint the massive white wall staring back at her. Now she paints murals everywhere she can. She even painted a mural for an event at which Pharrell Williams received an award Miami.

Domit’s painting at Hygge Life will be completed on a canvas and will go on sale at the end of the winter season.
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Domit’s first show was when she was 18 years old in Mexico City, her home city. She received a graduate degree in Art History and then traveled to Florence, Italy, where she studied portraiture in a masters of fine arts program.

“I don’t think that being educated in art is necessary for an artist, but I wanted to learn to draw portraits,” she said.

As she pursued her art career, like many artists, she saw her style evolve. When she was young, her work was abstract and very bright and colorful. Now, she uses only black, white and gold to represent light.

“We all have that innocence inside, but the human drama covers everything. My art is reflecting that that is in you. That is the most true part of you,” she said. “You are amazing and everyone should realize that because there is no later, there is only now.”

She also doesn’t plan her murals ahead of time, so the word “live” in her live mural painting is quite literal. She said she’s a vessel for her creativity to flow out of her and into the world.

While she’s mostly known for her murals, she still loves portrait art. When she sits with a subject, she looks beyond facial features in front of her and looks to capture a person’s essence. During our conversation, she asked if she could draw a portrait of me. She asked me to write my name and asked me a few questions about my life and how I ended up in Vail while she made some sketchy outlines with a ballpoint pen on a piece of printer paper she got from a concierge.

“You are very connected to the creativity,” she said.

Domit will be painting at Hygge Life in EagleVail from 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 5. For more information about Hygge Life, visit

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