Artist James Jensen visits Galerie Zuger in Vail, offers smaller works at lower price point |

Artist James Jensen visits Galerie Zuger in Vail, offers smaller works at lower price point

By Kimberly Nicoletti
Special to the Daily
This work is #1 in James Jensen's Jasper series. The artist will be in visitation at the Galerie Zuger in Vail from Feb. 1-2.
Special to the Daily

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Galerie Zuger in Vail is hosting artist James Jensen on Saturday, Feb. 1 and Sunday, Feb. 2. The artist will be on hand to discuss his large-scale work, as well as a new line of smaller works on paper available at a lower price point for those with a smaller budget.

Jensen has always worked with duality in his art — light and dark/heavy, chaotic and geometric. And now, he’s generating smaller abstracts that contrast with his big format pieces.

These mini moderns are “big paintings in a little package, with a lot of attitude and all of the components of the larger paintings,” he said.

“They have a lot of energy, a lot of movement,” Jensen said.

The smaller versions of his large abstracts usually have dimensions of 18×24 or22x30. They’re usually completed cotton paper and finished in industrial shadow box frames.

“There’s something about paper versus big canvas that opens your creativity department,” Jensen said.

This work is #4 in James Jensen’s Jasper series. The artist evolved his color palette from reds to jewel tones and sophisticated neutrals.
Special to the Daily

Along with the new sizes comes a shift in color palette for Jensen. Rather than the predominant reds found in previous works, he’s challenging himself with stone quarry-inspired colors: blues paired with sophisticated neutrals and a few sharp jewel tones.

With the color shift, he’s beefing up the already predominant textural elements and focusing on even stronger composition.

Along with creating his little paper works, Jensen continues to study the world around him, deconstruct it and re-arrange images into enormous, impactful abstracts.

His large pieces begin with a strong spurt of physical and emotional energy and a frenzy of paint. He hones them with geometry and architectural elements, as if to cinch the excitement onto the canvas. He finishes with delicate details, which invite viewers to move closer and absorb the subtle beauty of every brush stroke, detailed or freeform.

In Jensen’s world of contrasts, one thing remains constant: His masterful texture, motion and color remain as the primal elements upon which he bases his powerful abstracts.

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This work is #4 in James Jensen’s Jasper series. The artist is now offering smaller works on paper at a lower price point for art lovers who have smaller budgets.
Special to the Daily

If you go …

What: James Jensen as visiting artist

When: Saturday, Feb. 1, 4-8 p.m.; Sunday, Feb. 2, 1-5 p.m.

Where: Galerie Zuger, Vail

Cost: Free to attend

More information: Visit

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