Author of ‘Mister Tender’s Girl’ visits Bookworm of Edwards on Feb. 22 |

Author of ‘Mister Tender’s Girl’ visits Bookworm of Edwards on Feb. 22

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The book "Mister Tender's Girl" is inspired by the Slender Man Crime — the true story of two girls who stabbed a girl in 2012 in tribute to a graphic character, the Slender Man.
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Who: “Mister Tender’s Girl” author Carter Wilson.

When: Thursday, Feb. 22, 6 p.m.

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

Cost: $10, comes with appetizers.

More information: Call 970-926-READ or visit

What happens to someone that survives a deadly attack? What type of life does the victim attain?

On Thursday, Feb. 22, at The Bookworm of Edwards, Carter Wilson explores these questions and his new book “Mister Tender’s Girl.” Thriller readers rejoice, Wilson has written a book ripped from the headlines that leaves you guessing until the shocking end.

“Mister Tender’s Girl” follows Alice Hill who was attacked by two classmates and left to die. The attackers claim Alice was a sacrifice to a pop-culture fiction character, Mister Tender. The problem? Mister Tender was created by Alice’s father in a popular graphic novel series. After a decade of attempting to heal and recover, someone is watching Alice — never allowing her to escape her past.

‘Inspired by the Slender Man’

“The book is inspired by the Slender Man Crime. The true story of two girls back in 2012, who stabbed a girl in tribute to a graphic character, the Slender Man,” Wilson said. “I got to the third paragraph and read that the victim survived. I stopped reading because I didn’t want to know anymore.”

The story was born from those details as Wilson explored what would happen to the victim after the attack.

“I was fascinated by what that victim would look like as an adult. How is she coping? What does her average day look like,” Wilson said.

Pain and Terror

Unfortunately, Alice has been followed by her past and her world unravels when a stranger appears knowing every last detail of her life.

To write from a place of pain and terror, Wilson read stories from people with severe PTSD and anxiety.

Wilson says that, “after you read dozens and dozens of stories of panic or anxiety attacks, it becomes visceral. You see the common words and feelings that come up.”

As an author of six mystery novels, writing a psychological thriller is not new to Wilson. He says that writing high-tension stories continues to captivate him.

“I have always been fascinated by normal people struggling through extraordinary things,” Wilson said. “I like to see how people react to high stake events. It is easy for a reader to step into someone’s shoes when they can say, ‘Hey this could be me’.”

For the readers, he wanted to make the book multilayered, allowing readings to dive deeper into the world that Alice is trapped within.

“In the book, Alice discovers a website, so I decided to create that website. It is super creepy,” Wilson said. “It is an additional experience to the story.”

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