Barre Rhythm in Eagle provides high-intensity, low-impact workout |

Barre Rhythm in Eagle provides high-intensity, low-impact workout

Nate Day
Owner and founder Angela Muzic (left) with ambassador Alexa Hellstrom (right).
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Fitness is a big deal here in the Vail Valley, and there are a lot of options for people to partake in; hiking, skiing, yoga or a workout style that’s on the rise: barre.

Barre Rhythm, which celebrated its grand opening on Friday, Oct. 26, and Saturday, Oct. 27, with free sampler classes, a ribbon cutting, giveaways and a celebratory toast.

Founder and Owner Angela Muzic opened Barre Rhythm after teaching fitness classes around the valley for nearly 13 years. She got her start by teaching cardio-focused classes, but after visiting a boutique fitness studio in Ohio, decided to start her own.

Muzic decided that the valley was the perfect place for a fitness studio like Barre Rhythm.

“Denver is so saturated with this kind of thing,” Muzic said. “I just didn’t want to be that competitive.”

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So the Vail Valley it was. Specifically, the studio ended up in Eagle.

“It’s been amazing, Eagle is amazing,” said Muzic. “I don’t have words to express how great the people have been.”

Muzic noted that while barre is growing in popularity, and many are familiar with the term, not everyone knows what exactly it means.

Barre Rhythm describes the classes as strength and cardio training with Pilates–style workouts. Participants reside on a mat much like those used in yoga and the follow Muzic’s movement instruction in a low-impact, high-intensity class focused on muscular endurance.

Having previously worked as a DJ, Muzic incorporates those skills into her classes as well.

“Everything we do is counted in sets of four or eight,” Muzic said. “So I play stuff that I’ve premixed during classes.” Nighttime classes also feature lasers timed to the music.

However, at the beginning of class, Muzic reminds her students “if you don’t have rhythm, it’s okay … that’s not the important part.”

Thought the classes are an intense workout, they’re doable for those with physical limitations.

“I have no ligaments in one knee and I had extensive surgery on my hip,” said Heather Rawlings, a participant. “This is the only class that I can take without hurting myself.”

Patrons start out by taking Muzic’s introductory class. She suggests ten sessions of that class before taking the next step, but notes that the introductory class is a great stand alone workout in an of itself.

The studio is also prepared for winter, as a Winter Season Stretch and Recovery class will be offered for those looking to condition for and recover from winter sports.

Additionally, Muzic created her own instructor training program, allowing for people to receive teaching certifications after student teaching at Barre Rhythm.

Located just off of I-70, the studio overlooks the Eagle River and has access to a spacious back yard for outdoor classes when the weather permits.

Those looking to join the studio can sign up for classes online using the promotional code “transformmybody” to receive a week of unlimited classes.

A complete class schedule and pricing information can be found on their website

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