Battle Mountain High School entrepreneurship program creating businesses |

Battle Mountain High School entrepreneurship program creating businesses

The students in Elissa Jane Mastel’s entrepreneurship program at Battle Mountain High School just wrapped up their semester with a marketplace at the school, showcasing and selling the businesses they had created.

In its second semester, the entrepreneurship program started with a new batch of students for the spring and split into five groups of three.

“All of the businesses are created, crafted, branded and funded by the students,” Mastel said.

From bath balms to body scrubs, T-shirts to stickers and also lip balms, each group started a business from the ground up.

Students learned real-world lessons along the way.

“My favorite part was getting to work with other students along with learning branding keys,” said Samya Simmons, co-founder of Stick ’em Up Stickers. “The hardest part would have to be, well, working with people that didn’t quite work the same way I did. But in the end, when I become an entrepreneur, I’ll have to work with others that don’t quite work like me, so it’s a good skill to evolve.”

Many of the new businesses donated profits from the marketplace to local charities and nonprofits, such as Anthony Beacon, co-founder of MAAD shirts.

“I hope to keep my business going consistently and to further improve the quality of our products over time,” Beacon said.

While starting a business is no easy task, the students learned from both their successes and their mistakes.

“I was expecting a difficult time in this class,” said Flor Audley, co-founder of Bloem Lip Balm, “But it wasn’t. It’s all about how well you use your time and how much effort you decide to put into projects you’re assigned to do.”

After her first full year at Battle Mountain, Mastel is proud of all of her entrepreneur and business students.

“I’m so proud of them all. It’s been a lot of fun,” she said. “It’s really great being a new teacher and seeing this method of teaching working out and having students try their hand at entrepreneurship while they’re still in high school.”

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