Be rescued by a CBD massage at Vail Athletic Club |

Be rescued by a CBD massage at Vail Athletic Club

Nate Day
The CBD Rescue treatment begins with a coffee scrub and finishes with a full-body CBD massage.
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After a long day on the slopes, who doesn’t need a little respite?

Vail Athletic Club in Vail Village is offering a CBD rescue massage for anyone looking for some pain relief, to unwind after a long week at work or anything in between.

Last season, Vail Athletic Club began looking into CBD products.

“We originally were looking into thiis just from our experience knowing it was such a good product for skin and muscle soreness,” said Lisa Dkoster, an esthetician with Vail Athletic Club. “It has a very medicinal quality to it.”

Dekoster and her team was surprised by all of the benefits that it has, so the club chose to incorporate it into its services.

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“Colorado is pretty progressive, but there can be this stigma around CBD,” said Jen Razee, spa director. “But we’re totally open to therapeutic benefits of CBD.”

CBD (cannabidiol) is a material made from the hemp plant, but does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol), so it will not cause anyone to get high, nor does it smell like marijuana. The oils are commonly used for pain relief and inflammation reduction and are in the CBD rescue massage at Vail Athletic Club.

CBD also acts faster than regular oils and pain treatments.

“The receptor sites on cell wall for cannabinoids make it easier for the skin to absorb the oils,” said Dekoster. “It can get into the blood stream immediately.”

Nature’s Root

The spa uses a line of products from the company Nature’s Root, chosen for its oil extraction process.

“The way the oil is separated is through a carbon dioxide process rather than using chemicals,” Dekoster said. “It’s also a pure product, a lot of the other companies, might have good extractions of cannabinoids, but they’ll do a mixture of other ingredients.”

Nature’s Root is a Fort Collins-based company, owned and operated by a mother daughter team that sells CBD products (including a pet line) and puts on training for organizations such as Vail Athletic Club.

As is normal for a massage, the actual process is tailored to each specific client based on what they need more. Razee noted that elements from both Swedish and deep tissue techniques can be used in a treatment like this.

The treatment also includes a coffee scrub before the massage, designed to exfoliate the skin and make absorption of the CBD even easier.

“The scrub also gives you the stimulating and antioxidant properties that you get from coffee,” Razee said.

Not to mention, it smells delicious.

Vail Athletic Club was among the first spas in the valley to introduce a CBD treatment and it has proved widely successful, spurring others to follow.

“We live a very active lifestyle here in the valley, so it’s a great treatment for pain reduction and inflammation,” Razee said.

Book a CBD rescue treatment today for $275 at

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