Beaver Divers in EagleVail offers online SCUBA training during COVID-19 |

Beaver Divers offers online scuba training during COVID-19

For many people, one consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is a sudden overload of free time. And while Netflix is a great way to spend it, if you’ve ever wanted to learn to scuba dive, now might be a good time to do it.

Beaver Divers in EagleVail is offering e-learning courses for divers of all ages and ability levels, and several of them are coming at discounted price points. Snorkeler, scuba discovery and inactive diver are now being offered for free, and the open water and advanced e-learning courses are $99. Advanced courses for divers with their certification are $139.95 and the beginner course is $129.95. After the e-learning course, new divers should sign up for the in-water training and get certified before starting the advanced courses.

Valerie Rivera and Cyrus Horne complete their in-pool SCUBA certification with Beaver Divers.
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Beaver Divers offered online courses for a while before COVID-19, but this is the first time you can purchase a beginner class separately from the in-water certification — they usually come as a bundle.

“We don’t want to nickel and dime people,” co-owner Casey Zwaan said. “We’re dedicated to training divers to become the best divers they can be.”

Beaver Divers has been teaching Vail Valley locals how to dive since 1986. Husband-wife owners Casey and Emily Zwaan are experienced divers and Casey has been working in the industry for more than 40 years.

The shop’s online courses come from the Scuba Diving International certification agency, based in Florida. SDI was one of the first agencies to offer online learning, Casey said. Beaver Divers has been partnered with them since the beginning: Casey’s instructor number is 201.

Beaver Divers is also the only scuba pro platinum scuba store in Colorado, bringing a special distinction to the Vail Valley over stores on the Front Range.

But one of the main pillars of Beaver Divers’ business is the international scuba trips it offers. Now taking out third-generation divers, Beaver Divers loves taking people out on the water to explore at all skill levels. Many who have signed up for trips into the summer haven’t yet canceled in the hope of an adventure at a time when the ethos is the opposite: stay at home.

“I think they’re very adventurous people. A lot of people up here are. People don’t want to sit around and do nothing,” Casey said. “The idea is, the ocean isn’t that far away.”

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