Questions with Comedians: Ben Roy headlines Vail Comedy Show July 14

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Ben Roy
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  • What: Ben Roy headlines Vail Comedy Show
  • When: Thursday, Jul 14, 2022 at 7 p.m.
  • Where: Bridge Street Bar, Vail Village
  • More info:

Vail Comedy Show is back July 14 at Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village with headliner Ben Roy. 

Ben Roy is an accomplished musician and comedian. Along with Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Overdahl he created, wrote and starred as Billy Shoemaker in “Those Who Can’t” for three seasons.  The show is now on HBO MAX.

Q: Have you ever performed in Vail?

A: I have. On quite a few occasions over the years. I always have a good time out there. Fun crowds. Smart people. And the scenery doesn’t suck that bad either.

Q: Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory in the mountains?

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A: Oh for sure. I did a show one spring in Eagle and when we left the show it was nice out. By the time we got near the top of Vail Pass it was a full out blizzard, white out conditions and all. Our car got stuck in a line of stopped vehicles. We ended up having to stay in Frisco because they shut down I-70. It was nuts. Prior to that, the weather had been beautiful all day. Colorado weather, baby!

Q: What do you know about the Vail Comedy Show?

A: Not much. I’m excited to get up there. Be nice to me, y’all. I’m fragile.

Q: What is it like to be on HBO MAX?

A: It’s pretty cool and surreal. Much like being on television was. It’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime type thing. I’m just a dude from Maine who tells jokes and plays loud music. I never really imagined I’d live that TV dream. Life is weird as hell sometimes.

Q: Can you talk about your music career?

A: For sure. I started playing music in my teens. Comedy came much, much later in life. It’s always been my true passion. Definitely connected to something much deeper inside me. I currently play and tour in a band called SPELLS. We wear matching outfits and sing about wanting to travel more and our failing bodies. It’s a super fun time.

Q: How would you describe your comedy?

A: Sensual. Is that a good word? I’m very sensual up there. You’ll see.

Q: What is next for Ben Roy?

A: Just playing music with my band SPELLS. I also have two podcasts that are doing well. One is called “The Grawlix Saves the World.” The other is called “97.9 The Rat Race.” So I’ll keep building those. I’d also like to pitch some other TV ideas. So we’ll see what happens.

See MK Paulsen live on Thursday Aug. 11 at Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village. The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at Alec Flynn and Brook Barsell will also perform. The next show is Sept. 15 with Steph Tolev from Los Angeles.

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