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Best of Vail — Bartending Staff: Vail Brewing Co.

Katie Coakley

Best Bartending Staff: Vail Brewing Co.

Just as aroma and presentation matter when enjoying a meal, the staff you encounter when sitting down for a tasty beverage can also flavor your experience. At Vail Brewing Co., the bartending staff is second-to-none, welcoming imbibers to the bar, providing knowledgeable recommendations and speedy service.

After all, the bartenders are the conduit between the brewers and the patrons. These hard-working individuals not only have to know all about the beer that they’re pouring, but they have to be knowledgeable enough to field the tough questions — like, “I only drink Miller Lite — what should I try here?” — that often pop up.

So whether you’re looking for a mid-day refresher after an exhilarating morning outside or simply want to top off your evening with a cold, local craft beer, head to either of the Vail Brewing Co. locations: You’re sure to be greeted with a friendly smile and a suggestion to cure what “ales” you.

— Katie Coakley