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Burger: Larkburger

Best Burger: Larkburger

  1. Larkburger
  2. Southside Benderz
  3. Craftsman

What is a “lark”? It’s just a name. The Black Angus beef Larkburger that originated at Larkspur restaurant in Vail morphed into a restaurant of its own.

A Larkburger is a classic burger, free of “a million piled-on ingredients” and “goopy, sugar-laden sauces.” The focus is on quality ingredients and affordability when it comes to the Larkburger, and that mentality expands to the rest of the menu. Truffle fries, kale salads, edamame and other menu items use fresh, natural ingredients.

Other “burger” options include a turkey burger, portabella burger, chicken burger, tuna burger and more.

With beer and wine available, as well as milkshakes, Larkburger is your classic burger joint, with a focus on quality ingredients. If a menu item is so good it warrants its own restaurant, then you know they’re doing something right with that Larkburger.

— Ross Leonhart

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