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Cocktail: The Rose

Denise Kipp

Best Cocktail: The Rose

  1. The Rose
  2. Almresi Vail
  3. Root & Flower

The Rose in Edwards provides guests with quality-crafted, unique cocktails that will celebrate the season. The bartending teams’ creativity never seems to run dry, as these mixologists continuously experiment with new ingredients to flavor their tasty beverages.

Take “The Exit 163,” an interesting take on a tiki cocktail with rum, all spice dram and an Edwards twist to brighten up any fall evening. “The Red Harvest” is likely the most popular drink on the lengthy cocktail menu and contains gin, chili syrup, lime juice and muddled mint and red peppers.

The crew works together at The Rose to construct the drink menu, which draws loud applause from diners and the bar crowd alike, with creative seasonal flavors. Go there for the food, and stay for the drinks. The welcoming atmosphere will tie it all together.

— Denise Kipp

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