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Craft Beer Selection (Restaurant/Bar): Vail Brewing Co.

Katie Coakley

Best Craft Beer Selection (Restaurant/Bar): Vail Brewing Co.

  1. Vail Brewing Co.
  2. Bonfire Brewing
  3. Craftsman

When Vail Brewing Co. opened its garage doors in 2014, its selection of craft beer was limited, as you’d expect from a fledgling brewery. But fast forward four years and VBC has expanded its brewing lineup, offering fan favorites like the Hot Mess Blonde and the Gore Creek IPA, as well as rotating seasonal creations like the Autumn Brew Series, featuring the Fall Line Marzen, Gourd Range Pumpkin Chai Ale and the C.D.C. Brown.

There are even crazy one-off beers that might enter the mix.

“It (the tap list) is definitely changing a lot, at least once a week,” said Sarah Boberschmidt, general manager of VBC. “I don’t even always know what’s up there. We’re always throwing something new and different into the mix.”

The best way to keep on top of this revolving selection of beer? Boberschmidt said to check out social media or to simply ask the bartenders — they always have a handle on what’s on tap.

— Katie Coakley

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