Best of Vail — Healthy Food: Hovey & Harrison |

Best of Vail — Healthy Food: Hovey & Harrison

Healthy Food: Hovey & Harrison

  1. Hovey & Harrison
  2. The Rose
  3. Green Elephant Juicery

Though individuals may have different ideas as to what is healthy, there are some truths that tend to transcend dietary restrictions: Fresh is best, homemade tends to be tastier, and there’s no need to mess with quality ingredients. At Hovey & Harrison, these tenets are topmost in creating the café menu, as well as the grab-and-go offerings.

“We make everything in-house, right down to the mayonnaise,” Gretchen Hovey said. “We try to focus on food and ingredients that are whole; we feed our families this way, too.”

The produce at Hovey & Harrison comes from local farmers, built on relationships that Hovey created eight years ago.

“We drive down to Palisade (to pick up produce),” Hovey said. “It not only tastes delicious, but it has the highest nutritional value because it’s picked at the peak of ripeness and then we get to use it. You’re getting max flavor and max nutritional benefits.”

— Katie Coakley

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