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Kids’ Clothing Store: Wishes Toy Store

Best Kids’ Clothing Store: Wishes Toy Store

  1. Wishes Toy Store
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  3. Skipper & Scout

Kids grow, sometimes quickly, and they need clothes. Marti Hurd and the folks at Wishes in Avon and Vail are here to help. Hurd said her customers tell her they like the variety of clothing available, in different sizes, styles and price ranges.

“We have high-end items, but we also go to a lower price point,” Hurd said.

Across the price ranges, though, Hurd is proud to offer creative clothes. There are lines Wishes has carried for years, but Hurd goes to at least three trade shows each year, looking for new, fun items. And, she said, there are always different clothing lines on the racks at Wishes.

“In kids’ clothing, you need a variety,” she said.

But there’s also the fact that kids’ clothing is always changing. If you last bought kids’ clothing five or 10 years ago, it’s different today, she said.

“We’re all adapting,” she said, noting that clothes today have the feel of pajamas, but look good enough to send a kid to school.

— Scott Miller

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